EE290D Lecture Notes

Fall 2013

(pdf format, unless otherwise noted)


Module I: Device Physics
Lecture 1: course overview, history of multiple-gate MOSFET development marked version
Lecture 2: MOSFET performance metrics, short-channel MOSFET electrostatics, scale length marked version (
updated on 9/11)
Lecture 3: advantages of thin-body MOSFETs in electrostatics, Effective drive current marked version

Lecture 4: semiconductor band structure, quantum confinement effect, low-field effective mobility, high-field velocity saturation marked version

Lecture 5: thin-body MOSFETs quantum confinement and carrier mobility, series resistance, apparent mobility, ballistic transport marked version

Lecture 6: MOSFET compact modeling, Technology CAD

Review of Module I

Module II: Device-Process Interactions
Lecture 7: impacts of substrate, bulk vs. SOI FinFETs, Fin patterning, gate stack engineering marked version

                 Introduction to double patterning approaches (Wikipedia)
Lecture 8: FinFET Source/Drain doping, thin-body MOSFET’s threshold voltage engineering marked version
Lecture 9: Strained-Si technology I: device physics: band structure and scattering rates vs. strain marked version

Lecture 10: Strained-Si technology II: process implementation of stressors: eSiGe, SMT, CESL, Gate-Last on Planar and FinFETs

Lecture 11: process-induced performance variability I: Random marked version (updated on 11/5)

Lecture 12: process-induced performance variability II: Systematic marked version

Module III: Device-Circuit Interactions
Lecture 13: digital device’s metrics, energy vs. delay plots, technology advancement on logic circuits
Lecture 14: SRAM technology & designs, scaling trend, FinFET-based SRAM issues, SRAM alternatives
Lecture 15: MPU technology trends, state-of-the-art CMOS platforms: planar MOSFETs and FinFETs

Lecture 16: MOSFET analog/RF performance metrics, bulk and thin-body MOSFET’s Analog/RF performance

Lecture 17: back-end-of-line (BEOL) technology, system-level integrations: SiP, TSV and Monolithic 3D

Lecture 18: multiple-floating gate devices, 3-D vertical NAND


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