Electrical Engineering 40, Fall '05
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits
Professor Andy Neureuther, EECS


Version 09/18/05   EE 40 Homework Assignments and Solutions in PDF Fall 05 

Topics, Reading and Dates

Assignment             Solution                  Feedback   Topic Group    

EE40_HW_01          EE40_HW_01_S      FB_HW01   Review: Number Representation, Logic Functions/Blocks
EE40_HW_02          EE40_HW_02_S      FB_HW02    KCL, KVL, Node and Mesh Analysis, Resistor Dividers
EE40_HW_03          EE40_HW_03_S      FB_HW03   Thevenin, Norton, Superposition, Dependent Sources
EE40_HW_04          EE40_HW_04_S      FB_HW04   Transients; Error in 4.3 Vc2 = 5 - 2*exp(-(t-1 ns)/2ns)
EE40_HW_05          EE40_HW_05_S      FB_HW05    Review
EE40_HW_06          EE40_HW_06_S      FB_HW06
EE40_HW_07          EE40_HW_07_S      FB_HW07
EE40_HW_08          EE40_HW_08_S      FB_HW08
EE40_HW_09          EE40_HW_09_S      FB_HW09
EE40_HW_10          EE40_HW_10_S      FB_HW10
EE40_HW_11          EE40_HW_11_S      FB_HW11
EE40_HW_12          EE40_HW_12_S      FB_HW12
EE40_HW_13          EE40_HW_13_S      FB_HW13
EE40_HW_14          EE40_HW_14_S      FB_HW14

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