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EE 40 (Fall 2009)
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits

Last updated  9/12/2009


No late homework will be accepted.

If you have a medical excuse not being able to turn in a homework , please inform your discussion section TA by email for record BEFORE deadline.

EE40 will not count the lowest TWO homework scores (e.g.  no turn-in =0) for overall course grade.

EE40 Does accept electronic submisssions of assignments until further notice.


HW_01 (137kb) due  9/10/2009

HW_01 Solutions (87kb)

HW_02 (508kb) due  9/17/2009 (updated figure)

HW_02 Solution

HW_03  due  9/24/2009


Solution for HW3

HW_04  due  10/06/2009

Solution for HW4

HW_05 (280kb) due  10/8/2009 (two days after HW4)

Solution for HW5

HW_06 due  10/15/2009 

HW_07 due 10/22/2009


Midterm1 Solutions (1993kb)

Midterm1 Statistics (48kb)

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