Electrical Engineering 40, Fall '05
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits
Professor Andy Neureuther, EECS


Version 11/29/05   EE 40 Laboratory Assignments Fall 05 

Topics, Reading and Dates

TA Office Hours and Locations
Philip: Monday 10-11 room 140AB Cory
Joanna: Monday 2 room 140AB Cory
Kyoungsub: Tu 11-12 297 Cory

Read the Guide First, do the Prelab, and then plan the lab itself (which partner does what). The Prelab is due at very start of Lab. The Lab Report is due at the end of the 3hr lab session.

Week #12- #15 Project (3 Lab Sessions)
No Lab Week #11 Due to Midterm #2

Week #10 Diode/MOS
Week #9 Op-Amp
Week #8 RC FIlter
Week #7 Digital Circuits (Note: due to power outage Wed PM lab will move on to Lab #8 and come back to #5 later.)
No Lab Week #6 Due to Midterm #1

(This) Week #5 is Lab #4 RC Circuits

  Week #4 is Lab #3 Equivalent Circuits

  Week #3 is Lab #2 - Oscilloscope

Week #2 is Lab #1 - Introduction on basic resistor circuits

Week #1 is an orentation to the facilities and equipment.

LAB Grading Policy: Each lab is worth 20 points allocated as follows. Prelab correct and filed on time =  4 points; Class participation in Hands-On electronic measurements as observed by the TA = 6 points; Lab write up content and clarity = 10 Points. Extra credit may be given for unusual contributions to the success of the Lab and fellow students.

The weekly laboratory illustrates the concepts with actual devices. There are nine structured experiments and a three week project on a topic of your choice. The project involves real-time interfacing a simple circuit design with computerized measurement, comparison and feedback. The labs will be slight up-dates of the Labs from Spring 2005 at http://laser.eecs.berkeley.edu/ee40/labs.php

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