Electrical Engineering 40, Fall '05
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits
Professor Andy Neureuther, EECS


Version 12/14/05   EE 40 Exam Fall 05 

Topics, Reading and Dates

Good Example Exam is EE42_F01_Fnl_s (Good on broad coverage, has glitching and latches)
Phil has offered the following Problems for Review (Solutions)

Suggested Bite Sized Problems for Review and Use in the Review Sessions:
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Transient: EE40 F03
Fnl P3; EE40 F03 M2 P1c : EE42 S03 M1 P3
Circuit Analysis and Op-Amp: EE40
F03 Fnl  P1; EE40 F04 P2
Bode Plots: EE42 F05 Q2 and M2
Diodes: EE40 F03 M2 P2c; EE40 F03 Fnl P4b;
Resistors and MOS: EE40 F04 Fnl P7b;
EE42 F03 M2 P3a;
CMOS Static: EE40 F04 Fnl P5; EE42 F03 M2 P3b
Logic Glitch and Latches: EE42 F01 Fnl P5;
EE42 F05 HW 11.1, 11.2, 12.1
Total Soln and 2nd Order: EE42 F05 HW12

EE 42 Fall 2005
Quiz #1    Quiz #1 Solution with typo's corrected
                 Midterm #1 Solution (version 10/12/05 with stats and correction)
Quiz #2     Quiz #2 Solution
                  Midterm #2 Solution

EE42 OLD EXAMS given by Professor Neureuther

EE40 Exams Relevant to Midterm #2
Final Fall 04   P2 Op-Amp
Midterm Fall 03   P2 Diode
Final Fall 03    P2 Op-Amp, P4 Diode
Final Review and Review Solutions Spring 03 
     P1 Diode, P2 Op-Amp, (P3 MOS Op-Amp), P5 Op-Amp
Final Fall 02   Mixture of problems

EE 40 Class Archives
(Contains old lectures, exams, labs)
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Spring 2003 Correction: Isc =n 2.5 mA Rth = 600 ohms
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