EECS 150 Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems    
CS 150 Spring 2007

TTh 2:00-3:30PM
306 Soda Hall
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Old News


Hi Class,

The Final Exams have been graded and final grades have been submitted:

Click here to view your final grade.

Have a great summer and congratulations graduates!

Your CS150 Teaching Staff


A review session for the final exam will be held Wednesday from 8-10pm in 306 Soda (HP Auditorium)

-CS150 TAs


The async FIFO we gave you for checkpoint 2 is much larger than it needs to be. You can speed up your synthesis time by about 5 minutes by using a smaller one. For your convenience, we've included the FIFO in the shared folder. Note that the rd_data_count and wr_data_count lines are now 5 bits wide instead of 8.

-CS150 TAs


All of the black box and additional files used in the Checkpoint #4 TA Solution have been put in the shared folder.

-CS150 TAs


In Checkpoint #3 the length byte is the length of the entire MPDU portion of the frame in bytes. An update and clarification has been added to Checkpoint3.doc as of this morning.

-CS150 TAs


We will be holding two review sessions for the upcoming midterm: Tuesday 8-10pm and Wednesday 8-10pm. See you there!

-CS150 TAs


We have posted an updated the CP2 Spec and an extra How-To. Please READ!

-CS150 TAs


Please check out the course Syllabus for an updated breakdown of the project grading.

-CS150 TAs


Please check out the guidelines for design documents in preparation for your next design review!

-CS150 TAs


Important Checkpoint0 Clarification from the newsgroup(in case you haven't read it):

"Recall from the spec that we are writing from rows 0-199 and columns 0-199. The columns here refer to single word columns in the SDRAM, not burst columns. The increment signal (CountBurst) should tell the address counter to increment by one burst. Thus, the number of times you need to increment in a row before you reach the next row is NOT 200 times."

Please disregard anything you have been told which would contradict the above.

-CS150 TAs


Professor Katz has posted the solutions to the midterm on the course webpage.

Midterm 1 Solutions.


As a reminder, the class will have its first midterm exam this Thursday, Februrary 15, in 125 Cory from 2:10-3:30.

There will be two review sessions hosted by the TAs: Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-10 PM in 125 Cory. Also, discussion sections have been cancelled this week.

~CS 150 Staff


Class is moving back to 306 Soda starting today, February 6. No more trips down to Mulford Hall!


We have been given 159 Mulford for our class ... the room is big enough that we can take everyone. The room is down by West Gate, near Oxford Street.

Campus Map - Mulford Hall.

Class will meet here beginning February 1, which is 1 week from today.


I have posted the Lab Assignments for the course.

Click here.

Please check to see if you have been placed in a lab. For the most part, every student received their first or second preference. As you can see, the Wednesday sections are both over-enrolled as well as the Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and the Tuesday and Thursday morning sections are both under-enrolled. We realize that many of you may have a class conflict, but if you can switch, please let me know (jeff at sims). By switching, you would help balance the class and increase our ability to help you in lab.

Also, if there are any last minute switches please contact me. We will not allow any more students to add the Wednesday sections or Tuesday/Thursday evening sections, so if a change must be made (to be with a partner, scheduling conflict, etc.), you must add the Tuesday or Thursday morning lab.


No labs first week. Labs will begin the week of 1-22-2007.

Homework and lecture notes have been posted in the newsgroup. Check the newsgroup often, this will contain the most updated info for the class.


Welcome to the Spring 2007 semester of CS150! Please check this web site often, as course updates and materials will be posted here. We look forward to a great semester!


There will be no lab or section the first week of class, however there will be a lab lecture this Friday 2-3PM in 125 Cory.

-CS150 Staff

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