Wed. Mar. 11, 2009

quantity of instruction vs quantity of comprehension
survey feedback
Breakout session on 4 ethics scenarios.
Kept timing tighter- was able to get reports from each group. Switched/assigned groups to get more students to know each others names. Seemed to work better than having whole class discussion. Should leave more time for break out reports.
Got nice video link of Feynman to show at beginning of class. Maybe good warmup idea.
Lots of people arriving late, so not getting going smoothly at beginning of class.

Wed. Mar. 4, 2009

1. Topics
teaching logs, revisited questions from previous class (what to do with disruptive student)
Only getting participation from a few students. Discussion is not as lively as Fall 2008 class. Differences: senior graduate students/ more outside EECS?
Course survey summary N=17:
1. Overall Useful
Yes: 12
Marginal or too long or already intuitive: 5

2. What aspects going well?
discussions/idea sharing: 7
lectures as demos of what to do, what not to do: 3

3. Needs improvement
30 minutes peoples' talks tedious
discuss pros/cons of mini lecture
rate of progress slowing/repetitious/too much Q&A: 3
no real content
minilecture- decrease to 2
people too quiet: 2

4. Want to see more of:
more small group discussion: N=4 (but with different people)
more teaching scenarios
more discussion on teaching philosophies
good and bad example lectures
pointers/brief demos of concepts
teaching log
more special lectures

5. Things to see less of:
Weekly teaching log.
Need to fix in class discussion, with more on directed topics. Need to allocate time for small groups to report back. (N=4)
gleaned nugget report

Wed. Feb. 18, 2009

1. Topics
teaching logs, relation of Bloom's levels to homework problems.
Active Learning handout: pointers. Fitting in more knowledge vs practice of Application level
small group question discussion

2. What went well and not so well?
Need to limit log feedback to 10 minutes, so have enough time for group discussion.

Wed. Feb. 11, 2009

1. Topics
teaching logs, Bloom's levels, role playing for office hour question

2. What went well and not so well?
Spent too long on Bloom's levels. Role playing more interesting. Keep input going from class more than lecturing. Perhaps another role playing session or a breakout for future classes. Did two talks, so as not to rush Sanket.

Wed. Jan. 28, 2009

1. Topics
Handouts: lab pointers, Desoer, Sahai Quote, Sanskrit proverb, brief note on Bloom's 6 levels.
campus emergency # 642-3333
Breakouts on teaching questions. Lots of good suggestions. These should be captured somehow. I like new format- rely on collected expertise of class, then add a few comments if needed.
Should ask class whether they are teaching with whiteboard or blackboard?
Interesting ideas-
1) mini contests in discussion- groups try to answer question quickest
2) windows and time delays for emails to avoid wheel spinning

2. What went well and not so well?
Minilecture: white board vs black board: o WB is too small. Had to erase to fit everything in o truncated blur/OF discussion which made S/N difference between WB and BB bigger than it probably is

From feedback:
Voice level- even in small room, not loud enough XXXXX
demo with yellow and black
drawings appreciated
better board organization
get feedback after intensity graphs to make sure class following still XX
diagrams hard to hard (maybe at back of room?) (Should calibrate from back of room)