EE290D (Spring 1999):
Flat-Panel Display Technologies
TuTh 9:30-11 AM, 531 Cory Hall

30" TFT-LCD monitor (Samsung)
Prof. Tsu-Jae King: (510) 643-9251;
Office hours: Tu 11-1 & We 1-2; 567 Cory Hall

Course Description:
Rapid technological advances have been made in the electronic information display industry during the past decade, driven by the need for high-resolution, high-performance displays which are lightweight and power-efficient. The flat-panel display (FPD) industry is growing at a pace reminiscent of the semiconductor industry, with a worldwide market forecast to exceed $20 billion by the year 2001.
This course will begin with an overview of the display market and a discussion of the dominant and emerging FPD technologies. It will then cover the basics of human vision and metrics for evaluating display performance. Various FPD technologies will then be discussed in detail. Topics to be covered include liquid crystal displays, thin-film transistors for active-matrix displays, field-emission displays, plasma display panels, electroluminescent displays, light-emitting diode displays, microdisplays and micromechanical displays.
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Graded Assignments
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Research Paper/Proposal
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