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EE225B, Spring 2010
Digital Image Processing

Wed. and Fri.: 11:30 - 12:30 am
299 Cory

Prerequisite:   EE120

Required Text:

  1. R. C. Gonzalez and R. E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, Addison-Wesley, second edition, 2002.

EE225B, Spring 2007

Course Details:

Professor Avideh Zakhor
507 Cory Hall
Phone: (510) 643-6777

Office Hours:
Thursday, 12:30-1:30 pm, 507 Cory Hall

Course Assistant:
Rosita Alvarez-Croft
(510) 643-4976

Course handouts:  Handouts not picked up during lectures can be found with the course assistant.

Recommended Texts:

  1. J. S. Lim, Two-Dimensional Signal and Image Processing, Prentice Hall, 1990.
  2. Bovik, Handbook of Image and Video Processing, Academic Press 2000.
  3. N. Netravali and Barry G. Haskell, Digital Pictures, Plenum Press, 1988.
  4. W. K. Pratt, Digital Image Processing, John Wiley and Sons, 1992.
  5. M. Tekalp, Digital Video Processing, Prentice Hall, 1995.

Other useful references:

  1. D. E. Dudgeon and R. M. Mersereau, Multi-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing, Prentice Hall, 1984.
  2. V. Oppenheim and R. W. Schafer, Digital Signal Processing, Prentice-Hall, 1975.
  3. T. S. Huang, editor, Two-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing, Topics in Applied Physics, vol. 42 and vol. 43, Springer-Verlag, 1981.
  4. S. K. Mitra and M. P. Ekstrom, editors, Two-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing, Dowden, Hutchison, and Ross, 1978.
  5. R. C. Gonzalez and P. Wintz, Digital Image Processing, Addison-Wesley, 1979.
  6. H. C. Andrews and B. R. Hunt, Digital Image Restoration, Prentice-Hall, 1977.
  7. H. C. Andrews, Tutorial and Selected Papers in Digital Image Processing, IEEE Press, 1978.
  8. W. F. Schrieber, Fundamentals of Electronic Imaging Systems, Springer-Verlag, 1986.
  9. K. Jain, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, Prentice Hall, 1989.

Outline of Topics:

  1. Image reconstruction from partial information
  2. Two-dimensional (2-D) Fourier transform and z-transform;
  3. 2-D DFT and FFT, FIR and IIR filter design and implementation.
  4. Basics of Image Processing techniques and perception;
  5. Image and video enhancement
  6. Image and video restoration
  7. Reconstruction from multiple images
  8. Image and video analysis: Image Representation and models; image and video classfication and segmentation; edge and boundary detection in images
  9. Image compression and coding
  10. Video compression
  11. Image and Video Communication, storage and retreival
  12. Image and video rendering and assessment
  13. Image and video Acquisition
  14. Applications of image processing: Synthetic Aperture Radar, computed tomography, cardiac image processing, finger print classfication, human face recognition.


Homework will be issued approximately once every one or two weeks. They will either consist of written assignments, Matlab assignments or C programming assignments. Homework will be graded, and will contribute 50% to the final grade. Homework handed in late will not be accepted unless consent is obtained from the teaching staff prior to the due date. There will be a project that will constitute 50% of your grade. The project can be individual or in a group. You are to submit a proposal to the instructor by the end of February. More details on the project will be provided later, and a list of suggested topics will be provided.


  • Thursday, April 22, 2010
    2 Independence Way
    Princeton, NJ 08540, USA

    The Technology Division is currently trying to fill some internship/post-doc positions in the area of signal processing for the Technicolor Princeton R&I team.
    If interested, please contact Cristina Gomila  Manager, Research & Innovation, TECHNOLOGY DIVISION,  or +01 609 987 7311.

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010
    NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group

  • Friday, April 9, 2010
    The Class presentation has moved from May 6th to April 29th, the last lecture of the semester.

  • Monday, Mar. 8, 2010
    The Communications and Collaborations Systems group at Microsoft Research Redmond has a couple of internship positions available. The general area for the project will be improving quality of experience for real-time applications such as video conferencing / VoIP / interactive software applications. The current ideas are:

    1. to improve rate control algorithms used by video encoders in a distributed environment, where multiple video conferencing sessions are competing for bandwidth over a congested link and at the same time competing with other non real-time traffic such as TCP

    2. to provide some framework for traffic prioritization building on ideas similar to diffserv.

    If interested, please contact Sanjeev Mehrotra at

  • Friday, Feb. 25, 2010
    HP Labs, Palo Alto, is seeking a PhD level research intern for a project in systems and algorithmic research and development in adaptive, error-resilient video streaming. The candidate will contribute to a system for video streaming with low latency over unreliable networks, using a hybrid hardware/software architecture that enables HD video conferencing on every laptop. A successful candidate is expected to work closely with a team of researchers, and should have:

    1. proficiency in C/C++ and excellent implementation skills,

    2. knowledge of video source coding principles,

    3. experience or working knowledge of multimedia development and video compression standards (Familiarity with H.264 a plus, but not required), and

    4. ability to design and systematically evaluate algorithms

    Resumes and enquires should be sent to

  • Friday, Feb. 22, 2010
    Summer internships at Cisco (Atlanta) for PhD students as well.

    These are advanced projects in one of the following areas:

    HDTV, 3DTV, IPTV; advanced video coding algorithms and simulations, including H.264 and the forthcoming H.265; video processing algorithms; quality-of-service, video adaptation in error-prone channels; hybrid network adaptation; adaptive media streaming; media delivery and transport.

    Skills:  C or C++. Ph.D. student in EE, Computer Science, or equivalent.

  • Friday, Feb. 19, 2010
    Undergrad Summer internships at Cisco (Atlanta) in the following areas:

    HDTV, 3DTV, IPTV; software development in embedded platforms; communication systems; network control and management; wired and wireless communication technologies; home networks; hybrid network adaptation; server-client applications; real-time interactive multimedia applications; adaptive media streaming; media players; layered network protocols, media delivery and transport; quality-of-service; video compression; video, audio and signal processing; graphics and user interfaces; remotely-controlled user interfaces (RUIs).

    Start dates are May 24 or June 28; length: 10-12 weeks.

    Students may apply via campus recruiting or the following website:

    Students interested in the above areas are encouraged to choose Atlanta (Georgia) as the US location. If not reflected in website yet, students will be provided the opportunity to choose Atlanta.

  • Friday, Feb. 19, 2010
    The Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames Research Center located in Moffett Field, CA has several intern openings in 3D planetary surface reconstruction and characterization. Topics of interest include stereo image reconstruction and error assessment, image segmentation from texture and 3D data, shape from shading from multiple images and image and digital elevation model (DEM) matching. The selected students will work with historical Lunar data captured by the Apollo missions as well as recently released data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission. Ideal candidates are MSc or PhD students in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mathematics with a strong background in statistics, Bayesian modeling, robust functions and 3D reconstruction. Good software engineering skills in C/C++ programming are a plus. The internship is for three months during the Summer of 2010 and can be extended for a duration of six months. If interested, please contact Ara Nefian, PhD, Senior Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon University-Silicon Valley at or (650) 604-0845.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010
    HP labs is looking for a summer intern for a project with an interesting application of video analysis and processing. The ideal candidate would be creative, with both excellent video algorithm and software skills. If interested, qualified students should contact Ramin Samadani, Senior Research Scientist, Media Communications and Networking Lab, at or (650)857-4028.

  • Friday, Jan. 22, 2010
    Homework 1 has been posted in the Homework section below.

  • Welcome to EE225B!

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