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EE143 Microfabrication Technologies
Fall 2010  Homework Assignments, Exams, and Solutions

Homework Protocols

Students can decide either electronic or hardcopy submission , but not both. Graded hardcopies will returned in Cory 218 ( EE143 Lab). Electronic copies will be returned to your Bspace dropbox. Your homework grades are available In the Bspace Gradebook.


Names on hw, staple hw, clear handwriting or type please. There is usually a stapler in Moore room.

Electronic Copies

One single PDF file only. The name of file should be  lastname_firstname_143hw#.pdf”. No image, rar or zip files will be accepted. Freewares such as PrimoPDF made by NitroPDF (and others)  can convert  jpg to pdf. http://www.primopdf.com/index.aspx .Compress images in file before exporting to pdf.  Homework Reader won't be responsible for reading unreadable images.

Grading policy

Complete sentences/ideas on written answers will likely get partial credit if somewhat wrong. One word answers that are wrong will generally not get partial credit. Diagrams are helpful for student learning and my interpretation if they understand for earning points.

For homework grading and recording issues, contact John Gerling jgerling@berkeley.edu



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