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EE 143 (Fall 2010)
Microfabrication Technology

Lectures:  TuTh 2:10-3:30 am,  Wheeler 220

Instructor:  Professor Nathan Cheung, Cory 513, 642-1615, cheung@eecs.berkeley.edu

Prof Cheung's Office Hours before the Final Exam:

No office hours on 12/7 and 12/9.

Dec 10 (Fri) , 9-11am , Cory 513,

Dec 13 (Mon) 11-12:30pm, Cory 513

EE143 Weekly Schedule


Lab Report #2 Instruction posted in LAB Directory. Due 12/10, Friday, 5pm.

Final Exam will be on 12/14 (Tue) 8-11am in Cory 247. You can bring 6 sheets of notes. Exam will cover all homework topics and lab topics. Download final exam checklist here. A past final exam is posted in the Homework Directory.

Midterm Exam 2 scores posted in Bspace.

Average=69, Median=74, Stdev=17, High=91, Low=28

Unclaimed exam papers will be left in the EE143 lab after 11/30.  Solutions already posted in Homework directory.

Homework #12 posted (in Homework directory) due 12/3 Fri, 9am

Required Reading in Bspace Resources Directory: 1) Section of Kovac on MEMS, 2) Thin Film Stress Reprint. 3) Chapter 11 of Jaeger on MEMS



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