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EE 143 (Fall 2005)
Microfabrication Technology

Lectures-  TuTh 9:40-11:00 am,  3106 Etcheverry 

Instructor:  Professor Nathan Cheung, Cory 513, x2-1615, cheung@eecs.berkeley.edu

Prof Cheung's Office Hours: Tu 12-2pm, W 1-2pm (CORY 513)

Archived Course Material  Spring  2005

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Please pick up all unclaimed Homework (1-12)  in the OUTBOX of Cory 513 immediately.


Grades have been submitted to Telebear.

You can pick up your exam paper and Lab Report#2 from Rosita in Cory 253

Final Exam Statistics : avg=140 stdev=30 median=143 Hi=186 Low=56

Overall Statistics : 

Undergraduates : avg=77 stdev=10 median=78 Hi=93 Low=49

Graduates : avg=83 stdev=8 median=82 Hi=95 Low=68

updated  12/20/2005

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