EE130 Lecture Handouts
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Semiconductor Fundamentals
Lecture 1: Introduction, semiconductor materials, Si structure, electrons and holes
Lecture 2: Energy-band model, doping
Lecture 3: Thermal equilibrium, carrier concentrations
Lecture 4: Carrier drift and mobility, resistivity
Lecture 5: Diffusion, electric potential and field, non-uniformly doped semiconductor
Lecture 6: Generation-recombination; excess carriers
Lecture 7: Continuity equations; minority-carrier diffusion equations; quasi-Fermi levels

Metal-Semiconductor Contacts
Lecture 8: Poisson's equation, work function, M-S energy band diagrams
Lecture 9: I-V characteristics, practical ohmic contacts, small-signal capacitance

pn Junction Diodes
Lecture 10: Electrostatics
Lecture 11: Junction breakdown; ideal diode equation
Lecture 12: Narrow-base diode; charge-control model
Lecture 13: Deviations from the ideal; small-signal model
Lecture 14: Transient response; diode applications

The Bipolar Junction Transistor
Lecture 15: BJT fundamentals, ideal transistor analysis
Lecture 16: Narrow emitter/collector; Ebers-Moll model, base-width modulation
Lecture 17: Early voltage, bandgap narrowing, poly-Si emitter, Gummel plot
Lecture 18: Non-ideal effects, charge control model, base transit time
Lecture 19: Small-signal model, transient response

PNPN Devices
Lecture 20

The MOS Capacitor
Lecture 21: Energy-band diagrams, electrostatics
Lecture 22: Capacitance, effect of oxide charges
Lecture 23: MOS non idealities, VT adjustment, MOSFET structure and operation

The MOS Field-Effect Transistor
Lecture 24: Long-channel MOSFET I-V (square-law theory)
Lecture 25: Long-channel MOSFET I-V (modified), effective mobility, subthreshold leakage
Lecture 26: Small-signal model, velocity saturation; short-channel MOSFET I-V
Lecture 27: Short-channel effect, drain-induced barrier lowering, source/drain engineering
Lecture 28: MOSFET scaling, CMOS technology
Lecture 29: SOI technology, MOS memory devices
Lecture 30: Charge-coupled devices

Course Review
Lecture 31