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EE 130/230A: Integrated Circuit Devices
Fall 2013

Course bSpace site and Piazza site

Lectures: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:10 PM - 3:30 PM; 241 Cory

Discussion Sections:
    Mondays 10-11AM; 247 Cory
    Wednesdays 12-1 PM; 247 Cory

Course Details:
    Course Information Sheet
    Syllabus and Schedule
    Policy on Academic Dishonesty

Supplemental Resources:
    EE130 Spring 2003 lecture notes and videos (Real Player)
    EE130 Spring 2013 homework assignments and solutions
    EE130 Spring 2013 quizzes
    Frequently misunderstood concepts
    Summary notes on pn junctions

    Cool educational applets
    Silicon band structure

Instructor: Professor Tsu-Jae King Liu
    Office Hour: Mondays 4-5 PM in 212 Cory
                    (except 9/30 & 10/7 in 225 Cory)
    tking at

Teaching Assistant: Mr. Peng Zheng
    Office Hours:
         Tuesdays 9-10 AM in 288 Cory
         Wednesdays 4-5 PM in 288 Cory
    pzheng at

Reference Textbook:
    Modern Semiconductor Devices for Integrated Circuits by Chenming Hu
    Differences in terminology between the Pierret and Hu textbooks are summarized here.



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