EE120 Notes

These notes supplement lecture. You should not use these notes in place of your attending lecture, as they are not comprehensive.

These were taken from previous years' website, and all credit should be given to These notes probably do not exactly follow what Prof. Lau has done in class. Use with care...

Please see the Errata file for corrections.


  • Signal Operations
  • Singularity Functions; Energy and Power
  • System Properties; ZIR and ZSR
  • Convolution
  • Convolution, Eigenfunctions, and Sinusoidal Steady State
  • Putting Things Together; Fourier Series Theory
  • Fourier Series Examples
  • Fourier Transform
  • Fourier and Inverse Fourier Transform
  • Omega v. f
  • Ideal Systems; Filtering
  • Echo Compensation; Random Problems
  • Fourier Series and Fourier Transform; Filtering Revisited
  • AM-DSB
  • AM-DSB Without Phase Lock; Power in AM-DSB
  • Exponential Modulation; Digital Formats
  • Laplace Transform
  • Pole-Zero Diagram and Frequency Response
  • Feedback
  • DT
  • Sampling
  • Z Transform
  • Z Transform Problems
  • Filter Design [Optional]
  • DFT [Optional]
  • FIR Filter Design, DFT, Zero Padding, and Upsampling [Portions optional]
  • FFT [Optional]