CS61C Summer 2014 Project 2 Performance Contest

CS61C Summer 2014 Project 2 Performance Contest

Contest Rules

The goal of the contest is to see who can optimize project 2 to get the best performance, using whatever means necessary. That means you can try to make algorithmic changes if you want (e.g. trying Strassen's algorithm), in addition to any implementation optimizations you'd like. We do still insist that you be responsible for writing your own solution though, so foisting your calculation on libraries like BLAS is still disallowed.

This contest is strictly for fun -- it has no weight in your final grade, but the winners will likely get a small boost to EPA. We'll also announce the winners and the speeds they achieved during the final lecture.

Submission Instructions

Submission instructions are the same as for project 2, but we'll be using the contest tag in git to find your contest submission instead. As a reminder, the following commands can be used to push your submission.

    $ git status
    $ git tag contest -f
    $ git push --tags origin master

All contest submissions are due on the 10th of August at 23:59:59. Slip days and late penalties obviously do not apply to the assignment, as there are no points at stake.