12/18/2007 Final Grades

  • Any grading questions answered here or on the info page will not be answered by e-mail.
  • Scores for Exam3 & HW12 have be entered into glookup.
  • We will not be entering participation scores most likely, and you will only see their effect in your letter grade.
  • Reminder: glookup does not reflect the point caps, as mentioned on the Info page.
  • Reminder: We have reserved the right to ease the grading scale listed on the Info page if exam scores are lower than expected.
  • Letter grades will be submitted and availible through bear facts most likely within a few days.
12/15/2007 Course Wrapup

It's been a hectic semester. We hope you enjoyed, or at least didn't hate the final exam, and that you learned something from this class. We hope to see you around next semester.

All grades have been finalized, with the obvious exceptions of HW12 and Exam3 (The Final) which should be graded next week.

Instructional accounts expire 12/21, after which your cs61c-?? login will stop working. This also means that the various TAs cs61c-t? accounts and readers cs61c-r? accounts will stop working. If you must contact your TA after 12/17, we suggest you use their more personal address. Remember, however, that after the final exam we cannot change your scores except in the case of a gross clerical error.

Good luck on the rest of your finals, and we hope you have a relaxing winter break!
12/15/2007 Grading Status Update

It's now 2:20am, do you know where your grade is? It's in glookup...

With the exception of a few exam2 regrades, and some hw2_1 scores, all grading is complete. No further regrades will be accepted aside from clerical errors (e.g. 1+2 = 2).