CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Spring, 2006

Instructor: Brian Harvey

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  • Final Examination
    Saturday, May 13, 5:00 PM-8:00 PM PDT
    1 Pimentel
    The examination starts at 5:00 PM sharp.
  • The final review session is scheduled for Thursday May 11th, @ 4PM in 105 North Gate.
  • The UCWISE (lab-based CS3 etc) people would like you to fill out a quick multiple-choice online survey. To encourage you, we'll give a bonus point to people who respond. (I'm going to get a list of logins all at once, so the bonus points will be posted just before the final, not as soon as you take the survey.) Go to http://nate.ucdev.org/survey/sp06_61A_survey.html for the survey. Please do this asap, no later than Wed (5/10). Thanks!
  • Readers have been told that all grades through mt3, hw11, proj3b must be posted by 5pm Monday, 4/24 (this coming Monday). The deadline for grading complaints will be 5pm Friday, 4/28.

    As before, to file a complaint for missing or incorrect grades, send email to your TA and your reader (just your TA if it's an exam grade). This is the deadline for you to complain, not the deadline for us to respond to your complaint. No complaints will be entertained after the deadline.

    Future deadlines: Proj4b is due Mon 5/1 and will be graded by Tue 5/9, as will all the homeworks. (HW15 is due 5/8 but will still be graded by 5/9.) The complaint deadline for proj4 and hw 12-15 will be Saturday, 5/13, the day of the final exam.

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