Scheme Recursion Exhibition

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's 61A Recursion Exposition contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (translation: please don't just vote for your friends).

In order to vote, submit this form. Voting is due on Tuesday, December 10, 11:59pm.

Note: If you see your submission here and believe it was not rendered properly, please email Albert at with a screenshot of your entry, as well as your entry number.


Featherweight Division

Submission 0 - Rose

Hexagons spiral
In luminescent colors
A rose is formed.

0.scm (60 tokens)

Submission 1 - Your title here

"The Fabric of the Cosmos" -- The artistic masterpiece is made by recursively drawing incomplete circles. It is a representation of one of three possible shapes of the universe: spherical.
Certain theories of the universe predict that edges of space actually curl upon themselves, resulting in a universe with no edge.
This post-modernistic, non-Euclidean drawing captures the power of the human intellect and redefines the limits of human imagination. It is a timeless art piece that will undoubtedly continue to fascinate future civilizations.

1.scm (25 tokens)

Submission 2 - Much Color. So Rainbow. Wow.

My eyes are flashin'
from all the vibrant colors

2.scm (45 tokens)

Submission 3 - Inside-out Starfish

Five-pointed wonder
Washed upon the gritty sand
Clinging on to life

3.scm (74 tokens)

Submission 4 - Gears

Industry Revolution speeds up everything
But don't hurry, don't follow the fashion
Walk your life as slow as the gears

4.scm (210 tokens)

Submission 5 - To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

Haikus are random.
I write good code, bad haikus.
Don't count syllables.

5.scm (79 tokens)

Submission 6 - Infinity

A query for you.
A set contains all sets. Does
it contain itself?

6.scm (206 tokens)

Submission 7 - Spirals wow

Colors spirals wow recursion
wow scheme colors wow

7.scm (92 tokens)

Submission 9 - The Denero Tree

The Denero Tree
Grown From Denero Himself
The Root Of All Code

9.scm (73 tokens)

Submission 10 - A Warm Dive

It starts off as red
and swirls to orange, but look!
a centered bass clef.

10.scm (90 tokens)

Submission 11 - 10 hours in Paint

There are exactly
seventeen syllables in
this recursive hai

11.scm (21 tokens)

Submission 12 - Meaning through Eternity

Forgotten Base case?
How can we end our Madness?
But why should we stop?

12.scm (144 tokens)

Submission 13 - Hexagonal Rose

Hexagons are cool
Three attached makes a Combee
Here is a flower

13.scm (141 tokens)

Submission 14 - Kaleidoscope of Interference

Infinite lines of blue and gold
interfere with each other,
yielding a beautiful high-order shape.

14.scm (154 tokens)

Submission 15 - Peach Spiral Blossom

Radiant Blossom;
Folding open, for sunlight;
Catch joy in your beams

15.scm (186 tokens)

Submission 16 - Spiral

Spirals are so curly
Spiral spiraly spiral

16.scm (139 tokens)

Submission 17 - Imperfect Symmetry

From droplets of code
Six ripples in a still pond
Expanding outward

17.scm (90 tokens)

Submission 18 - Flower Abyss

Flowery Abyss;
Exploring great depths just for-
Three Extra Credits.

18.scm (101 tokens)

Submission 19 - Owl Flag

how many tokens
does it take to get to the
recursive center?

19.scm (144 tokens)

Submission 20 - Around the Plane in 10000 Steps

The path goes ever
on and on, a random walk
from where it began

20.scm (188 tokens)

Submission 21 - The Dread Pirate Lambda's Fibonautical Flag Computes fib(7)

Eight-sided eye, for
fib(7) is eight; in teeth,
fib(6) plus fib(5)
The outermost skull has an octagon inside it because fib(7) = 8.
There are two more skulls in the outer skull's teeth. These skulls represent the computation
of fib(7) as fib(7) = fib(6) + fib(5), so these two skulls have a pentagon (fib(6) = 5) and a
triangle (fib(5) = 3), respectively.

21.scm (255 tokens)

Submission 22 - To Kill a Stanfurd Tree.

It's a Stanfurd tree
Living in a Stanfurd World
And it can't keep up.

22.scm (187 tokens)

Submission 23 - Go Bears!

Golden Bears for life,
School spirit trumps everything,
Always beat stanfurd.

23.scm (234 tokens)

Submission 24 - The Beauty of Recurring Flowers

It's a work of art
Flowers bloom recursively
Everlasting joy!

24.scm (126 tokens)

Submission 25 - Spiralling Away

Primes will never end
Try to find the largest prime
It's impossible.

25.scm (196 tokens)

Submission 26 - Circle of Life

Like our exam grades,
Life is a big round circle.
Where does it all end?

26.scm (91 tokens)

Submission 27 - Lambda Flower

A lambda flower
Made out of parentheses
Recursion depth one

27.scm (150 tokens)

Submission 28 - 'Dark' Golden (Haiku) Bear

This bear haunts the dreams
of those who oppose Berkeley.
*looks at you Stanford*

28.scm (195 tokens)

Submission 29 - One Way Ticket to the 3rd Dimension

This is a warning:
No epileptic should view
This code as it runs.

29.scm (202 tokens)

Submission 30 - Natural Beauty

A set of phloem
Colored and in circle form,
Nature's beautiful.

30.scm (114 tokens)

Submission 31 - Circular Emotion

The human spirit
A neverending spiral
Of colors and dreams

31.scm (72 tokens)

Submission 32 - Tree Recursion

It's a glowing tree
More than a binary tree
Happy Holidays

32.scm (189 tokens)

Submission 33 - Sierpinski Circles

Dread Pirate John
and everyone together
Sierpinski circle

33.scm (170 tokens)

Submission 34 - Midnight Flower

Out of the darkness
come the beautiful colors
to bedazzle us.

34.scm (239 tokens)

Submission 35 - ComputerStars

Can you see the pun?
These Blue / gold stars are Berkeley's-
What an edu!

35.scm (215 tokens)

Submission 36 - Next Year

One and eleven,
We need a new quarterback.
I vote DeNero.

36.scm (80 tokens)

Submission 37 - i think this is called art

look closely towards
the center, you will find yourself
lol nah just kidding

37.scm (79 tokens)

Heavyweight Division

Submission 38 - Directional Dragons

All these triangles
I dare you to calculate
total area

38.scm (294 tokens)

Submission 39 - Lotus in scheme

Parentheses of scheme
Blooms carefully in pairs
The only computer language that is beautiful.

39.scm (275 tokens)

Submission 40 - Golden Bear Comes

Winter is here
Falling so hard, snowflakes
Golden Bear comes, rainbow.

40.scm (342 tokens)

Submission 41 - The Cipher

This is just the start!
Unearth the hidden secret!
Become enlightened!

41.scm (972 tokens)

Submission 42 - Snowman

winter time is here,
celebrate your cheer with snow
make a snowman, yo!

42.scm (461 tokens)

Submission 43 - Tail Recursive Ray Tracer (T.R.R.T)

Recursive raytracer traces
Recursively stacked spheres
Everything recursive!

43.scm (1857 tokens)

Submission 44 - Telescope

Ripples upon the night sky,
Warm the human eye.

44.scm (380 tokens)

Submission 45 - Spinning Illusions

A pair of colors.
Both spinning and spiraling
Forming illusions.

45.scm (310 tokens)

Submission 46 - SNOWFLAKE

Winter is coming!
Christmas and snow are my loves.
Snowflake will appear.

46.scm (263 tokens)

Submission 47 - What's Brown and Sticky?

If it looks like this
after you're done on the loo,
you should get that checked.

47.scm (445 tokens)

Submission 48 - I made a thing

Oh no I dropped all
my crayons in a blender
but I made a thing

48.scm (748 tokens)

Submission 49 - What did John Say?

If you don't give up,
This class won't give up on you.
Have a lollipop!

49.scm (263 tokens)