Final Exam Information

Time: 11:30am-2:30pm Friday December 20
Location: RSF Field House (main gym)

The RSF is at 2301 Bancroft Way between Dana Street and Ellsworth Street.

Please bring a photo ID to the exam! The course staff will verify your identity.

The exam is closed note, except for:

Copies of study guides and scratch paper will be provided with your exam.

Topics Covered

The exam will cover all course topics through Section 4.4 of the Composing Programs online textbook, not including Chapters 2.4.8 (constraint programming) or 2.6 (implementing classes and objects). Those topics include:

Scheme: The exam may contain Scheme examples and may ask you to write Scheme expressions. However, the Scheme language special forms will be limited to lambda, mu, if, and define. Built-in procedures will be limited to cons, car, cdr, list and numeric predicates and procedures.

Logic: The exam may contain Logic examples and questions about unification.

Particular emphasis will be given to:

Practice Exams

The previous exam most similar in topics covered to your upcoming midterm is the Fall 2011 61A Midterm 1 exam. Links to all publicly available previous exams are listed below, for your convenience.

Review Sessions

Review office hours held during the week of 12/9 through 12/12 have a special schedule and topic-specific themes listed below. Expect a short concept review and some example questions.