Welcome to CS 301!

Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
Spring 2010

Friday 3:30-4:50
not Berkeley time!
405 Soda

Brian Barsky
Brian Harvey

Colleen Lewis

Welcome to CS301! We hope that this course will be a community that supports you in improving your teaching. To effectively build this community, attendance from the members of the class is very important. You may not miss more than 2 classes. Class attendance is monitored through the weekly journals. Please email Colleen if you need to be excused from a class because of a conference.

You can check your grade and records of you attendance and homework submissions on BSpace.

Holt  = How Children Fail, Holt, J.C. 1995.
TT    = Tools for Teaching, Davis, B.G., Jossey-Bass; San Francisco, 2009.
The TT links below take you to an older version of Tools for Teaching.
Week Date Topic Homework due Reading due
Week 0.5 Date TBD Optional Meeting A copy of your plan for the first day  
Week 1 January 22 Your First Section none Optional: TT:  I [3] The first day of class
Week 2 January 29 Strategies for discussion sections & enhancing students' learning and motivation Journal, Online Ethics Course TT:  III [9-13] Discussion Strategies,
TT:  VI [29-33] Enhancing Students' Learning and Motivation
Week 3 February 5 Strategy Journal,
Homework 1 Evaluate your teaching
Holt  1
Week 4 February 12 Collaborative and experiential strategies & teaching outside the classroom (office hours) Journal,
Homework 2 Plan a group activity
TT:  V [20-25] Alternatives to lecture,
TT:  XI [55-57] Outside the classroom,
The Tao of TALC
Week 5 February 19 Fear and failure Journal,
Homework 3 Observe another TA
Holt  2
Week 6 February 26 Diversity & evaluation to improve teaching Journal TT:  II [4-8] Classroom climate and students with special needs,
TT:  X [52-53] Evaluation to improve teaching,
Defensive Climates
Week 7 March 5 Real learning Journal Holt  3
Week 8 March 12 No Class    
Week 9 March 19 Testing, grading & instructional media and technology Journal,
Homework 4 Get feedback from your students
TT:  VIII [38-44] Testing and Grading,
TT:  IX [45-51] Presentation Technologies
Week 10 March 26 Spring Break - No Class    
Week 11 April 2 How schools fail Journal,
Homework 5 Video tape your section
Holt  4, 5
Week 12 April 9 Finishing up Journal TT:  VII [24-27] Strengthening students' writing and problem-solving,
TT:  XII [59-61] Finishing up
Week 13 April 16 Optional meeting    
Week 15 April 23 Optional meeting    
Week 16 April 30 Optional meeting