CS 188: Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2006

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You will have access to department UNIX workstations for this course. If you already have a "named" account or are enrolled in another EECS course this semester that provides named accounts, you can use that account for this class. Otherwise, you will get a "class" account specifically for CS 188 -- see our guide to setting up accounts and submitting assignments, the EECS department Information for New Instructional Users as well as the departmental policies.

Please use your account responsibly and be considerate of your fellow students. You will end up spending less time (and have a more pleasant experience) if you do not wait until the night before the assignment due date to fight for computer cycles.


The programming projects in this course will be done in Python, an object-oriented language which should be accessible to students familiar with either Scheme or Java. We are not assuming that have any experience at all with Python, but we expect you to pick it up quickly.  In the first week, there will be an optional walk-in lab session designed to familiarize students with both the lab computing environment and the Python language:

    Unix/Python Lab Tutorial

Here are some resources on Python; the first assignment is also designed to teach you the basics of the language:

    ACM Python Tutorial: Good tutorial for experienced programmers who want to get off the ground quickly.

For each assignment, we will provide documented support code and hold a discussion section to go over that code.