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Contact - The 39th Officers


Coline Devin and Alice Ye:

wicse-presidents [at] lists.eecs.berkeley.edu



Jenny Huang:

qijing.huang [at] eecs.berkeley.edu

Industrial Liason

Cecilia Zhang:

cecilia77 [at] berkeley.edu


Alyssa Morrow:

akmorrow [at] eecs.berkeley.edu

Outreach Coordinators

Laura Hallock and Carolyn Chen:

lhallock [at] eecs.berkeley.edu, carolyn.chen [at] eecs.berkeley.edu


Social Chairs

Kristina Monakhova and Caroline Lemieux:

monakhova [at] eecs.berkeley.edu , clemieux [at] berkeley.edu


Lunch Coordinator

Erin Grant and Linda Liu:

eringrant [at] berkeley.edu, fanglin_liu@berkeley.edu


Thanks to all of our past officers! A list can be found on our Past Officers Page.