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  1. Change your name with the Berkeley Registrar:
  2. Change your CalNet name listing
  3. Change your name with the TANG center
    (510) 642-1804
  4. Change your name with the HR/Paycheck people at ESRO
    email: ERSOhrops@erso.berkeley.edu
  5. Change your name with the EECS Grad Affairs representative
    The email addresses can be found here: http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/GradAffairs/)
  6. Change your name with IRIS:
    Email help@eecs.berkeley.edu your new name.
  7. Change your email address with IRIS (if you want to change your login).
    Email help@eecs.berkeley.edu your old email address and your new requested email address. They will also need a billing Chartstring to bill the $100 new account creation cost. You will have both email addresses for one month and it may be possible to temporarily forward mail.