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Each classes weekly pacing points deadlines are:
Tuesday 9C, 9G
Wednesday 9E
Thursday 9H
Friday 9F

Self-Paced Center @ UC Berkeley

Our Mission

To create a challenging, stimulating, and supportive environment for both our staff and students, where tutors learn by teaching and students benefit from the tutors' knowledge, patience and dedication to education in computer science.


We offer two different kinds of self-paced courses at the center. The CS9[A-H]courses are one-unit P/NP courses for programmers who wish to learn a second language. The CS47[A-C] courses are one-unit graded courses meant for those (mostly transfer) students who have completed most (but not all) of the CS61[A-C] series through other channels, and wish to complete the requirements for CS61[A-C]without taking the entire course.


Stop by the SP Center or email us selfpace cs berkeley edu