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    Review sessions for finals-(more TBA)
    Monday May 5th 310 soda
    12-1pm Python
    1-2pm Matlab
    2-3pm C++

    Tuesday May 6th 320 Soda
    12-1pm UNIX

    The last day we are accepting work is Friday May 2nd We are expecting lone lines of students the last week so please plan accordingly.

    Finals for Spring 14 are as follows (sign ups at the SP Center):
    Early Final (all work must be completed to the take the final early) Friday April 25th 3:30-6:30pm in 200 Sutardja Dai Hall (apple lab next to the SP Center)

    Regular finals Monday May 12th 11:30-2:30 and 3-6pm in Bechtel Auditorium. There will be review sessions during RR week for the regular final, we will post those times soon.

CS3S - Symbolic Programming

CS3S will no longer be offered to new students starting Fall 11. Instead we want to encourage you to take an exciting new course called the Beauty and Joy of Computing CS10 In CS10 you will learn the same concepts you would learn in CS3S (recursion, higher order functions) but in a fun, and dynamic new format. You will learn even more "Big Ideas" of computing, that include lectures about where computing is going, what applications are changing the world, and artificial intelligence.

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