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Please note you can turn in work any time but please check the schedule about good times to come to the center for tutoring for your class.

You can earn 2 pacing points per week for turning in work, that can be turning in a program or taking and passing a quiz (you don't have to do both).
Each courses pacing point deadlines are:
47B and 9g Mondays
9E and 9C Thursdays
9F and 9H Fridays


The Self-Paced Center has been in operation since 1976. It has moved from Evans Hall to McLaughlin to Davis to Hearst-Field Annex and now to Sutardja Dai Hall. Originally, we only taught Fortran and Pascal. We added C in 1986, followed by UNIX, C++ and Java. We added three 47 series "bridge courses", and in 2006 we added a Python course, During the dot-com boom of the 90s our enrollments peaked at 800. Today we are at about 400.