Hw & Exam


Graduate Computer Architecture

UC Berkeley CS252

Summer 2006


Paper reading 4:

1. Read "Validity of the Single Processor Approach to Achieving Large-Scale Computing Capabilities" by Gene Amdahl.

Comment on the following:

  • How long is this paper? How much of it is about Amdahl’s Law?
  • What other comments about parallelism are there besides Amdahl’s Law?

2. Read "Parallel Programmer Productivity: A Case Study of Novice Parallel Programmers" by Hochstein et al.

Comment on the following:

  • What programming styles were investigated?
  • What was methodology?
  • How would you redesign the experiment they did?
  • What other metrics would be important to capture?
  • Assuming these results of programming productivity reflect the real world, what should architectures of the future do (or not do)?