Hw & Exam


Graduate Computer Architecture

UC Berkeley CS252

Summer 2006


Paper reading 2:

1. Read “Limits of instruction-level parallelism,” by David Wall, Nov 1993

Read pages 1-35 (about ˝ of paper is figures).

  • In your comments, rank in order of importance alias analysis, branch prediction, jump prediction, register renaming, and speculative execution
  • Mention what are limits to this study of limits of ILP

2. Read "Simultaneous Multithreading: A Platform for Next Generation Processors", by Susan Eggers et al.  

Comment on the following:

  • What assumption were made about computer organization before adding SMT?
  • How does it compare to Wall’s claims of ILP limits?
  • What changes were made to add SMT?
  • What performance advantages are claimed? For what workloads?