Hw & Exam


Graduate Computer Architecture

UC Berkeley CS252

Summer 2006


Paper reading 1:

Read the following papers (available in Papers link):

  • Architecture of the IBM System/360 - G.M. Amdahl, G.A. Blaauw and F.P. Brooks Jr.
  • Design of the B 5000 System - William Lonergan and Paul King
  • The Case for the Reduced Instruction Set Computer - Patterson and Ditzel
  • Comments on "The Case for the Reduced Instruction Set Computer," by Patterson and Ditzel - Douglas W. Clark and William D. Strecker

Comment on the papers, specifically addressing (but not limited to):

  • B5000 (1961) vs. IBM 360 (1964)
    • What key different architecture decisions did they make? E.g., data size, floating point size, instruction size, registers,
    • Which largely survive to this day in current ISAs? In JVM?
  • RISC vs. CISC (1980)
    • What arguments were made for and against RISC and CISC?
    • Which has history settled?