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CalNet ID Information for EECS
  September 2015

What is a CalNet ID?
  A CalNet ID is an ID number or user name with a password.    It is used to login to some WEB sites at UC Berkeley.
A CalNet ID for staff initially consists of:

Field Also called Example Comment
employee ID "login", "principal", "user name" 012345678 9 digits, starts with "01"
Password "passphrase" The quick brown fox. at least 9 characters; at least 3 character "classes"

How Do I Get One?
1.   Employees need a UCB employee ID number.
2.   Obtain a temporary CalNet passphrase (a "token") from a CalNet deputy from your department.
3. Go to to set a new "passphrase" of your choice.
4. Go to if you wish to change your Calnet passphrase after that.
5. You may test your new CalNet ID at and
6. If a site does not accept your CalNetID, please contact the adminstrators of that site   (not the people listed above)   to report the problem.
Why Do I Need One?
* To logon to Bearfacts for e-Grades, student records and course lists   [ Bearfacts help]   [ e-Grades help]
* To logon to AirBears,   e-Parking,   Quest,   software,   Cal directory,   other CalNet-enabled applications.
* You can make all your user names the same, so that
CalNet username = EECS username and
1. Change your CalNet user name at   [FAQ]   [check]   [Things to consider]
2. Set your password and user name for at
Note that = and you can forward that to your EECS address.
3. Set your email forwarding at
For departmental WEB programmers:   how to use CalNet IDs as passwords;   how to manage SPA Membership in CalGroups.
new CalNet tools: CalNet Account manager (CAM) (for all accounts),   CalNet Admin Tool (CAM) (for deputies)
new SIS tools: CalCentral (for students),   API Central (for developers),   Campus Solutions (for admins)

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