Budget Overview for EECS IESG
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Budget Overview
EECS Instructional Support Group

  • Instructional Facilities: definition, funding
  • Instructional "Distributed Facilities" budget:
    1995-1996   (estimates)
    1996-1997   (estimates)
    1997-1998   (estimates)
    1998-1999   (estimates)
    1999-2000   (estimates)
    2000-2001   (estimates)
      2001-2002   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
    2002-2003   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
    2003-2004   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
    2004-2005   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
    2005-2006   [Review (Powerpoint)]
    2006-2007   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
    2007-2008   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
    2008-2009   [Review (Powerpoint)]
    2009-2010   [Projection (Powerpoint)]
      2010-2011   [3 years (PDF)] [Projection (PDF)]
    2011-2012   [Projection (PDF)]
    2012-2013   [Projection (PDF)]
    2013-2014   [Projection (PDF)]

  • 2009-2010: Notices about the Budget and Furloughs
    17914, 17915, 17994, 18163, 18178, VSO-2, furloughs#1, furloughs#2 furlough Q&A, UC budget, 18339, FAQs
  • 2010-2011: Notices about the Budget and Operational Excellence
    OE, Sep 21: Chancellor's Update on OE, Sep 24: Townhall Webcast, Jan 13: OE Update, Jan 31: 2011-12 Budget
  • 2011-2012: Notices about the Budget and Operational Excellence
    OE, UCRP contributions increasing, Revisions to Layoff policy,

  • Instructional Facilities - Definition

    EECS provides computing and electronics labs for use by instructors and their students in support of undergraduate and graduate coursework. These are the characteristics that distinquish the Instructional facilities from research labs and from offices for staff or students:
  • Use of an Instructional facility is determined by the class(es) in which a student is enrolled, on a semester-by-semester basis
  • Instructional facilities can be reserved by the Instructional managers and instructors for use by specific classes
  • Instructional facilities are not exclusively for the use of any individuals or groups except for those in specific semesterly classes

  • Instructional Facilities - Funding

    The EECS Instructional facilities and staff are supported from three distinct funds. Each is allocated from State sources and is intended for a specific purpose. Additional funding sources:

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