Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association at UC Berkeley


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==== Contact Information ==== ==== Contact Information ====
-For any general inquires, please email [[eegsa@eecs.berkeley.edu]].  Please note that due to excessive spam, the eegsa e-mail ID is set-up to accept only e-mails sent from eecs.berkeley domain. If you are a new/prospective student and need specific information, please contact the EEGSA officers. +For any general inquires, please contact the webmaster (izyumin at eecs.berkeley.edu), or contact one of the other [[Officers|officers]] directly.
- +
-Have any ideas or suggestions on improving the department? [[eegsa@eecs.berkeley.edu|Tell us]], and we'll see what we can do, or contact [[humpheys@eecs.berkeley.edu|Sheila Humphreys]].+
Mailing Address: \\ Mailing Address: \\
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Berkeley, CA 94720-1772, USA. Berkeley, CA 94720-1772, USA.
-Webmaster: izyumin at eecs dot berkeley dot edu