Engineering Outreach @Berkeley

Robots that Run, Climb, Flap, and Swim

Why isn't our world full of robots to drive us around, make us breakfast, and do our homework? What do cockroaches, origami, and robots have in common? How does a gecko walk across the ceiling, and can we make robots that do the same?(Yes!) This modules explores the state-of-the-art in robotics research and unravels why building a robot to perform even simple tasks such as climbing stairs is so challenging. The module includes a presentation full of thought-provoking questions and just-plain-cool videos of cutting-edge robots from universities and companies across the globe. Students get to exercise their engineering skills by modifying small bug-like robots to follow walls, run in circles, and climb inclines. The engineering activity can be modified to appeal to students from kindergarten to high school.

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A modified robot that can follow walls:

Hex Bug Pic Robot GIF 1

More Pictures

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