Engineering Outreach @Berkeley


In the module links on the left, you'll find the Engineering Modules we currently offer. Each module has been developed by UC Berkeley students who are passionate about the research they conduct with the goal of sharing a piece of that research to a broader audience.

Under Development

The following modules are currently under development.

Alternative Power and Energy

Together with the new Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S) Center at UC Berkeley, we are developing a module exploring energy and power in our everyday lives with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and alternative energy sources.

How Computers Communicate

Computers send many messages back and forth very quickly all the time and rarely make mistakes. How can they be so accurate? In this module, we explore techniques for reliably sending messages to another person. We pose the problem as card game involving three people, and students have the chance to play the game in teams. This fun and quirky module relates to mathematics, game theory and engineering and has its origins in computer science.

Please contact us for more details about modules in development.