Engineering Outreach @Berkeley

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your affiliations and sponsors?

We receive/have received funding support from the following:

How does a visit from Engineering Outreach @Berkeley organization work?

We are flexible and can accomodate many types of presentation formats. Typically, 2-3 UC Berkeley graduate or undergraduate students visit a local school where we conduct our engineering module. We often present the same module during several class periods throughout the course of a school day.

A typical visit lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes a mix of presentation and hands-on activities. For example, our Robot Module begins with an interactive Q&A session to probe students about what makes a robot a robot (is a hammer a robot? how about Google?). Next, students spend 20-30 minutes building simple robots of their own, and we conclude with discussion and examples of cutting edge research robots. All of our modules follow a similar format with hands-on activities coupled with an interactive and informative presentation format.

What grade levels do you work with?

We have activities geared towards a range of students and have successfully conducted our engineering activities with student ranging from kindergarten to high school level. While some activities may be geared towards younger or older students, we try to tailor all of our activities to each audience.

Do you have examples from previous visits?

Yes! Please visit our Modules page on the left.

What's the history of Engineering Outreach @Berkeley?

Engineering Outreach @Berkeley began in 2007 as the outreach arm of the Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association. We have grown to include many graduate students from several departments who are passionate about engineering and seeking to share their passion with a younger generation of scientists and engineers.