Engineering Outreach @Berkeley


We are a group of Electrical Engineering graduate and undergraduate students who are excited about the research we do and like getting others excited about engineering and science!

Requesting a visit

If you are an educator or school administrator and would like to request a visit from our organization or have questions about what we do, please e-mail us at

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What we do

We are a student-run, volunteer organization that partners with local schools and other education organizations to bring exciting presentations, demonstrations, and activities to K-12 students. Our mission is to share exciting lessons from engineering or science related to our research that is accessible to K-12 students while also providing examples of career paths in engineering and the sciences. We work with each of our partner schools to provide lessons that fit with their lesson plans and student age group. Please see our FAQs page for more details.

Getting involved

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student at Berkeley, particularly in an engineering field or computer science, please e-mail us at to become involved with Engineering Outreach @Berkeley. We are always looking for new volunteers with a passion for their field who are looking to share their enthusiasm with others.

Upcoming and Recent Visits

May 13: Bridges Academy at Melrose, Oakland
May 11: Esperanza Academy, Oakland
May 7: RISE Community School, Oakland
May 4: New Highland Elementary, Oakland
Apr. 20: Manzanita Community School, Oakland
Apr. 15: Community United Elementary, Oakland
Apr. 13: Think College Now, Oakland
Apr. 2: EnCmpass Academy, Oakland
Mar. 18: Garfield Elementary, Oakland
Mar. 16: Cleveland Elementary, Oakland
Mar. 9: Markham Middle, Oakland
Mar. 5: REACH Academy, Oakland
Feb. 27: Parker Middle, Oakland
Feb. 25: Futures Elementary, Oakland
Feb. 23: Crocker Highlands Elementary, Oakland
Feb. 12: REACH Academy, Oakland
Feb. 9: Think College Now, Oakland

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