Electrical Engineering 40, Fall '05
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits
Professor Andy Neureuther, EECS


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Professor Neureuther's Lectures for EE42
 (includes material on Delay, Timing Diagrams, Latches, and CLocks)
(See Lectures 17-22 and Handout on RC notes)

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Simple Circuit Demos from CSU Pomona
(very straightforward demonstration of behavior of basic circuits, quite useful!)

Presentation on the internal workings of an opamp.
(Gives much more detail about the different stages of transistor networks used as amplifiers inside a typical opamp. Good info starting on page 46, for your own enlightenment, but won't be covered or required for class).

Simulation videos for semiconductor devices
1. Introduction
2. Carrier motion in P-N diode
3. P-N diode animation
4. P-N diode
5. Transient P-N diode response
6. MOS capacitor
7. N-channel MOS capacitor
8. (corrupt)
9. N-MOS transistor
10. NPN transistor

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