EE192: Mechatronics Design Lab, Spring 2019

List of handouts

typically highlights from data sheets for class discussion in following week

Week 1
IIHS Crash Avoidance Technologies
Soldering Notes
BeagleBone Blue connections

Week 2
Block Diagram Basics (Salt and Rothery)
Worksheet 1 DC motor
MC33883 H-Bridge Gate Driver IC
TL974 Quad OpAmp
RC Servo Note
project proposal

Week 3
EECS192 Lab Rules
NDP7060 ID-VDS curves
Worksheet 2 MOSFET and Motor
TLC084 Quad Opamp
TSL1401CL linear sensor
Sharp GP2S60 optical sensor (for speed detection)

Week 4
KA7805 LDO regulator
LM138 adjustable regulator
LM2678 Buck Converter
Buck Converter handout

Week 5 (Feb. 16)
EECS192 Debugging Checklist
voltage converter worksheet

Week 6 (Feb. 23)
KL25 Fig. 28-1 ADC block diagram

Week 7
no handouts

Week 8
Control synopsis
Bicycle steering model

Week 9
Discrete time control

Week 10