EE192: Mechatronics Design Lab, Spring 2019

Course Files

Under revision for Spring 2019! Check back frequently!

Design notes


Boost, Buck Converter, Charge Pump


PCB Layout
SparkFun EAGLE guide PCB design tips
App notes for SMPS PCB layout Vicor FPA Printed Circuit Guidelines
Counting Squares (EDN)Bay Area Circuits
Eagle layers explained (thx to O. Hsu S19) Gerber Viewer


Motor modeling



Embedded Systems

Beagle Bone Blue CPU board
Beagle Bone Blue overview BeagleBone pin table (xls)
BeagleBone_Blue Schematic (pdf) component placement (pdf)
Beaglebone Blue Getting Started (pdf) pinout picture (jpg)ver 2: (jpg)
BeagleBone Blue short spec (pdf)
TI AM3358 Sitara Processor
5113 page manual AM3358 Data Sheet
Control Module (Ch 9) GPIO (Ch 25)
PWM unit (Ch 15) Useful lifetime of Embedded Processors
Programmable Real Time Unit (PRU)
PRU manual (Ch 4) M. Yoder PRU Cookbook
PRU assembly level debugger
(Note need to sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev before compiling)
Robot Control Library Documentation Source Code
ROS Timer Latency ROS Timer Latency (pdf)



Motor Drive Spring 2018
IRFB3006 N-channel power MOSFET NDP7060 N-channel power MOSFET
Freescale H-bridge driver mc33883 Notes about how MOSFET works as a switch
Motor Stopping (link courtesy of H. Zheng, 2019) motor stopping pt2 (link courtesy of H. Zheng, 2019)

Switching regulators

Linear regulators
LM2940 LM1086 5V 1.5 amp
LM138 5 amp adjustable KA378R05 5V, 3 amp

Op amps

Note: To simplify prototyping and design, an opamp is chosen which has both DIP and SOIC14 packages.

The TLC084 is a quad opamp, with rail-to-rail voltage output, has an output slew rate of 10V/us and 50 mA drive. (Caution: Abs max rating VDD 17V, might be susceptible to spikes? no short circuit protection?)

NE5532 dual op amp has short circuit protection, typically 30 mA into short circuit. Abs max rating +-22V. Also, bipolar rather than biCMOS technology. Slew rate 9V/us. 0.6 volt differential input limit !

LMC6482 dual op amp. Abs max rating +-30 mA at output pin. Not short circuit protection. Slew rate 1V/us.


Old Motor Drive (not used since Spring 2017)
MAX620/621 MOSFET driver
Allegro A4931 Brushless motor driver Allegro A4915 Brushless motor driver
Notes on aligning Hall sensor and motor phases (TI DRV10970) Effects of Hall mis-alignment

Where and how to find parts


Semiconductor manufacturers

If you need a speciality part, often times you can put in a request for free samples from the manufacturer directly.

Library and common files


Previous CPU Board from Spring 2018

FRDM K64F microcontroller board
NXP FRDM-K64F: See ’'Getting Started’’ FRDM-K64F Users's Guide (pdf)
FRDM-K64F spreadsheet available pins (mod. from NXP)] board schematic (pdf)
K64 Microcontroller
K64 Tech Specs Full reference manual (1800 pages) for MK64FN1M0VLL12 MCU
App Note: FlexTimer Module App Note: ADC timing with PWM sync
overview of GPIO (pdf)

MCUXpresso IDE
EE192 Quick Start for HelloWorld MCUXpresso IDE - User Guide
MCUXpresso Config Tools User's Guide for pins, clocks, peripherals, etc MCUXpresso overview page
API Reference Manual 116 GPIO, GPIO Interrupts API Reference Manual 210 ADC16, DAC, Periodic Interrupt Timer
Pin Tools tutorial (.docx) Website with excellent tutorials MCUonEclipse

FreeRTOS overview page FreeRTOS V9.0.0 Reference Manual
FreeRTOS Tutorial FreeRTOS Debug Guide (within MCUXpresso)