By the end of this checkpoint, you will have built a simple motor drive circuit, and interfaced your microcontroller with the motor driver and steering servo.

Checkoff requirements

  • Demonstrate CPU speed control of a motor (single direction)

    • Turn off / on at 50% duty cycle

    • 5-second stall (100% duty cycle) using benchtop supply, measuring temperature of driving MOSFET

  • Demonstrate CPU servo control

    • Power from benchtop supply

    • Turn front wheel left / right / center using keyboard commands or similar

Parts handed out

  • 3 MOSFETs

  • 1 MAX620 high side driver IC

  • 1 IC socket for MAX620

  • 1 Flyback diode

  • Heatsink

  • Motor & servo (as needed)

Note More to come…