Checkpoint 0 - Team Formation

Welcome to EE 192!

As you are likely aware, this class is heavily focused on practical skills and applications. The learning in this class will center around the design project, an autonomous racing car that completes a magnetic track as quickly as possible. To make things easier, this class has been structured around 1-week checkpoints, which all build up to the final goal of an awesome, well-tuned racing car. Checkpoints will be due each Friday. At least one team member should be present for this every week.

This week’s checkpoint is relatively easy: get together into groups of 3. However, make sure to choose wisely! This will be your team for the remainder of the class. If you do not already have a group of friends, try to find people with a diversity of majors and skillsets. Most importantly, choose people you think you will work well with!

Tip Administrivia: Groups of 3 are strongly preferred. If the number of people in the class is not divisible by 3, we will only allow the last remaining students to form groups of 2.

Checkoff Requirements

  • Form a group of 2-3 students.

  • Bring deposit checks totaling $300 for your team’s car. You may post-date the check to 5/11 — it will not be cashed. (Make payable to “UC Regents”)

    • Optional but recommended: add a $50 deposit for a Bluetooth serial radio. It will make testing easier in the near future!

  • Send the TA an email with your account logins (ee192-xx or named account) to set up your team’s SVN repository.