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EE143 Microfabrication Technologies
Fall  2005  Course Information

Teaching Staff:

Instructor : Prof. Nathan Cheung , Cory 513, 642-1615, cheung@eecs.berkeley.edu   

Lecture Hours : Tu,Th 9:40-11am, Etcheverry 3106

Prof Cheung's Office Hours: Tu 12-2pm, W 1-2pm


TA Office Hours

Vidya Varadarajan vidya@eecs.berkeley.edu, Head-TA , W 10-11am, Cory 382

Pei-Yu Chiou pychiou@eecs.berkeley.edu, Tu 4-5pm, HMB 110

Shong Yin shong2@uclink.berkeley.edu, W 9-10am, Cory 382

Frank Jesse Zendejas zendejas@eecs.berkeley.edu, M 1-2pm, Cory 382


Homework Reader

Shong Yin shong2@uclink.berkeley.edu

JCourse Description:

EE143 teaches the fundamentals of integrated-circuit (IC) fabrication and surface-micromachining technology, giving the student a basic understanding of IC and micromachining processes and the effect of processing choices on device performance. Students learn to use process simulation tools and also fabricate and characterize devices in the laboratory. This lecture part will cover the processing techniques and design methodologies of microfabrication. We will discuss the process modules: lithography, thermal oxidation, diffusion, ion implantation, etching, thin-film deposition, epitaxy, metallization. The second part of the course will cover process simulation, layout design rules, MOS, IC, and MEMS  process integration. The laboratory part of the course will provide students opportunities to have hands-on experience to fabricate and characterize a NMOS chip with  simple MEMS components.  


Homework: Homework assignments will be handed out every Tue, due in class the following Thur.

Midterm Exam 1  10/12(wed), 6:00-7:30pm, CORY 241 and 247, closed book exam, 4 sheets of handwritten notes allowed 

Midterm#1 Statistics: AVG=68, DEV=17,  Median=71, High=91, Low=28.  Maximum possible score=97.

Midterm Exam 2  11/9 (wed) 6:00-7:30pm, VALLEY Room 2060 LSB, 8 sheets of handwritten notes allowed

Midterm#2 Statistics: AVG=77, DEV=12,  Median=79, High=100, Low=40.

Final Exam          12/15 (Thur) 8-11am, closed book exam, 12 sheets of handwritten notes allowed      

Lab Report 1: Friday November 18, before  3pm. Leave reports with Rosita in Cory 253.
Lab Report 2: Monday December 12, before 3pm. Leave reports with Rosita in Cory 253.

Grading:   Midterm1 15%,Midterm2 15%, Final 30% ,Homework 10%, Lab 30% 

(Undergrad and Grad students will be graded as two separate groups)

Prerequisite: EE40/E100 and Physics 7B or equivalent,  http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ee40/



1) Required  EE143 Reader and lecture notes

2) Required  R.C. Jaeger "Introduction To Microelectronics Fabrication ", 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall  


W. Maly:"Atlas of IC Technologies" (excellent 3D drawings of IC Structures)

M. Madou, “Fundamentals of Microfabrication,” CRC Press (MEMS technology)

S. Campbell: "The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication" ,2nd Edition (Intermediate/ Advanced Text)

Plummer, Deal and Griffin, “Silicon VLSI Technology,” Prentice Hall (Advanced Text on mechanisms and modeling)

Ben Streetman, “Solid State Electronic Devices”, Prentice Hall, 4th Edition (Quick introduction to devices)

Fall 2005 Teaching Schedule


Week #


Required Reading


IC and MEMS Microfabrication Overview, Introduction to process modules, process flow, and material properties


Bank, “Introduction to Microengineering” http://www.dbanks.demon.co.uk/ueng/




2 (9/5)

IC and MEMS device structures

Simple process sequence

Semiconductor mobile carriers

Jaeger Chapter 1,  

Reader [Introduction to IC Devices, www.icknowledge.com]

Reader [Streetman Chap 3, Energy bands and charge carriers in semiconductors]


Thermal Oxidation and Applications

Jaeger Chap 3

Reader [Mayer-Lau, Chapter 9]


Dopant engineering :Ion Implantation

Jaeger Chap 5

Reader [Mayer-Lau, Chapter 8]


Dopant engineering: Diffusion

Jaeger Chap 4

Reader [Wolf, Chap 8 Diffusion in Si]




Jaeger Chap 2

Reader [Sze, Chapter  11 on lithography]  


Thin Film Deposition

Midterm Exam #1 

10/12 (wed) 6:00-7:30pm

Jaeger Chap 6

Reader [Campbell -Chapter 13 on CVD]

Reprint What is a Vacuum, Sputtering Deposition  

8 (10/17)


Reader [Anan ,Chap 10 on Etching]


Metallization, Planarization

Jaeger Chap 7

Reader [Campbell, Chap 15 on Isolation and Metallization]

10 (10/31)

Process  Integration, MOS basics


Jaeger  Chap 9


MOS Devices, Layout Design Rules,

Midterm Exam #2

11/9 (wed) 6:00-7:30pm

Jaeger Chap 9

Reader [ Streetman, Chap 8.3,  MOS Principle]

Reader [Uyemura, Chap 3]


CMOS Process Integration,


Reader[Chen, Chap 5 on CMOS Integration],


MEMS structures and processing techniques


Jaeger Chap 11

Reader [Kovac, Chapter 3 on Mechanical Transducers]

14 (11/28)

MEMS Process Integration


Reader [Kovac, Chapter 3 on Mechanical Transducers]


Nanofabrication, Recent Developments

Lecture Notes and Reprints



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