EE C128 / ME C134 Feedback Control Systems Homework (Fall 2010)

Homeworks are due Thurs 10 am in HW box in 240 Cory. A maximum of 2 students can collaborate on a homework, and turn in a single writeup.

Problem Set #1, due 9/7/2010. PS #1 solution

Problem Set #2, due Thurs 9/16/2010, 10 am. PS #2 solution

Problem Set #3. due Thurs 9/23/2010, 10 am. PS #3 solution
Errata: Prob. 2, steady state error less than 0.05 for unit step disturbance
Hint: Prob 4, for sinusoidal steady state ripple, you do not need to find Laplace transform for a cosine input.

Problem Set #4. due Thurs 9/30/2010, 10 am. PS #4 solution
Hint: Routh criterion for Problem 2 gets kind of messy. You can use Matlab to solve inequalities from Routh criterion. You will need to use rules for plotting a negative root locus, since K<0 for stability.

Problem Set #5. due Thurs 10/07/2010, 10 am.
Change: Problem 1a. Please note k_p alone will meet spec.
Problem 2. The lag will move the closed loop root locus a bit, so it is hard to achieve s = -1 +/- j except in the limit. So use s =-0.9 +/-j for approximate CLP location.
Problem 3e. Term in denominator should be (s^2 + 2s + 10^4).

Problem Set #6, due Thurs 10/14/2010, 10 am. PS #6 solution

Problem Set #7, due Thurs 11/04/2010, 10 am. PS #7 solution
Change: Problem 5. Please change the bottom left corner from -1 to -2 (already reflected in uploaded document)

Problem Set #8, due Fri 11/12/2010, 10 am. PS #8 solution

Problem Set #9, due Tues 11/23/2010, 10 am. PS #9 solution
Prob 2, the notation "P" follows the derivation in Tomlin's Lecture Notes #11.
Prob 3, b) and c), the settling time requirement is only for the state x1. Please use 5% ([-0.05 0.05]) as settling measure for x1.

Problem Set #10, due Thurs 12/02/2010, 10 am. PS #10 solution