Videos and other references from lecture

April 2014

VelociRoACH turning

4/14/2014 EE128: inverted pendulum
EE128: magnetic levitation

Single cell animal control. Neutrophil chasing a bacteria: Movie
Control of single cell paramecium: Movie
Swarm of Bacteria Builds Tiny Pyramid (S. Martel) Movie

4/21/2014 Natcar autonomous car contest
4/23/2014 Robot riding bicycle (Dr. Guero) video


A Probabilistic Approach to Mixed Open-loop and Closed-loop Control, with Application to Extreme Autonomous Driving
J. Zico Kolter, Christian Plagemann, David T. Jackson, Andrew Y. Ng, and Sebastian Thrun.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2010. Movie

1/27/2014 PTAM + AR on an iPhone 3G

1/29/2014 Periodic Systems
Kangaroo as periodic system
MIT Leg lab


2/3/2014 Radio Astronomy Our Galaxy at 21 cm

2/5/2014 Radio Astronomy 1958

2/10/2014 MIT indoor autonomous plane

Quadrotor balance ETHZ quadrotor pole tricks
ETHZ quadrotor juggle

Computed Axial Tomography intro
Computed Axial Tomography with low pass filter

2/24/2014 2. rolling shutter aliasing


3/3/2014 Doppler Radar (NASA)

3/5/2014 Man controls robot hand with mind

3/10/2014 Atlas Boston Dynamics robot

3/12/2014 Atlas Update

3/17/2014 Concussion effects on balance and walking

3/19/2014 Hummingbird

Signals and Systems Videos

Courtesy of Prof. L. Waller:
1. Here's a good video on aliasing
2. rolling shutter aliasing