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Fall 2007 Labs

The prelab is a short assignment intended to prepare you for the experiment for the week. The prelab is due at the beginning of your assigned lab section, meaning it must be turned in within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of your lab section (e.g. 9:10AM for a 9AM lab). The lab report is meant to be mostly completed during your 3 hour lab section. However, it isn't due until the following lab section (e.g. the report for lab 1 for the Tuesday section will be due on Sept. 11), so you may have extra time to complete it at home.

Although you will be working in pairs during your scheduled lab time, you must turn in your own prelab and report for every lab. SPICE netlists may be turned in as a textual representation of the circuit or as a graphical netlist, as produced by some GUI-based SPICE software.

Details regarding the Miniproject will be posted later in the semester.

No. Title Prelab Lab Report
1 Introduction to SPICE [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
2 Electronic Test Equipment [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
3 Bipolar Junction Transistor Characterization [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
4 Single Stage BJT Amplifiers: Common Emitter [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
5 Single Stage BJT Amplifiers: Common Collector and Common Base [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
6 Biasing Circuitry [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
7 Frequency Response [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
8 Multi-stage Amplifiers [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
9 MOS Characterization and Amplifiers [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
10 Differential Amplifiers [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
11 Miniproject: AM Radio None [PDF] None


Title PDF
Bode Plot Tutorial [PDF]
HP 34401A Digital Multimeter Tutorial [PDF]
HP 4145B/4155A/4155C Parameter Analyzer Tutorial [PDF]
HP 54615B Oscilloscope Tutorial [PDF]
HP 6236A DC Power Supply Tutorial [PDF]
HP 8116A Function Generator Tutorial [PDF]
HSPICE Tutorial [PDF]

SPICE Models and Datasheets

EE105 SPICE Model File

All of the SPICE models used in these labs are combined into one .mod file, which you can include in your SPICE netlists. Use the syntax described in the SPICE tutorial linked above. The model names are contained in the .mod file, but I will list them here as well:

Part NameModel NameDatasheet
2N3904 NPNQ2N3904[PDF]
2N3906 PNPQ2N3906[PDF]
2N4401 NPNQ2N4401[PDF]
2N4403 PNPQ2N4403[PDF]
1N1418 DiodeD1N1418None

Note: The MOSFET models are implemented as subcircuits rather than simple model cards. All this means is that you need to use them a little differently. Here is a sample netlist showing how to use the MOSFET SPICE models in a simple circuit (a digital inverter).


The prelab is due at the beginning of the lab section (within the first 10 minutes, i.e. "Berkeley time"). No late prelabs will be accepted.

The lab report is due at the beginning of the next lab section (also within the first 10 minutes). Late lab reports will have 20% of their points deducted for every week that they are late.

Labs will be graded based on the following:


The labs you see posted on this website were written almost entirely from scratch over the summer. We would like to hear as much feedback as possible regarding these labs so that we may correct any errors you find or improve them based on any suggestions you make. Please send any comments or suggestions you have directly to You can also talk to us during office hours if you have further comments.