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Fall 2007 Announcements

Posted on 12/27 02:25AM by Eudean
If you'd like your final exam back, please see Therese George in 253 Cory.

Posted on 12/27 02:21AM by Eudean
Final exam scores have been posted on bSpace. I've posted statistics (a histogram, mean, median, and standard deviation) of the final exam scores on the exams page.

Finally, here's how the course grades were distributed for the class:

The mean GPA was 3.26/4.0.

Posted on 12/22 12:35AM by Eudean
All of the grades on bSpace have been updated except for the final exam. If you notice any grading discrepancy, please inform us immediately. Final grades will be ready by some time next week. Please note that the bSpace grades should only be taken on a per assignment basis, since the course grade weights assignments unevenly (e.g., midterms are worth more than homeworks), so don't take the overall bSpace grades as an indicator of your actual course grade.

Posted on 12/19 09:51AM by Eudean
Just a reminder about the final exam:

The exam will be in 277 Cory from 12:30-3:30PM on Thursday. The exam will be closed book, but you may have 6 pages of notes. There will be no calculators or electronic devices allowed during the exam.

Posted on 12/16 03:11AM by Eudean
Jon will hold office hours Wednesday 10–12PM in 197 Cory.

Posted on 12/15 11:43AM by Eudean
Professor Liu will hold office hours on Wednesday, 12/19 from 12PM–4PM. These will probably be the last office hours before the final exam, so be sure to attend if you have any questions about the material.

Posted on 12/15 11:32AM by Eudean
Kevin Wang will have office hours next Monday and Tuesday from 1–3PM in 197 Cory.

Posted on 12/14 07:40PM by Eudean
I'll have office hours next Monday and Tuesday from 3–5PM in 197 Cory.

Posted on 12/13 11:21PM by Eudean
A sample final exam has been posted on the midterm/final page. The solutions will be posted by tomorrow afternoon. Professor Liu will go over the sample final during the review session tomorrow, so it'd be wise to look over it before then (and ideally try to solve it yourselves).

Posted on 12/10 11:22AM by Eudean
I've posted a review on the discussion page. It briefly covers most of the material in the course, but it is not comprehensive (most notably MOSCAPs aren't covered). It is adapted from some notes from last year (written by Aaron Ohta), so some material may be slightly different. It should be used as a guide for your studying, not as the sole reference.

Posted on 12/08 09:20PM by Eudean
Sorry, revised Miniproject information:

Posted on 12/08 06:35PM by Eudean
More updates: the demodulator will actually be worth an extra 10%!

Posted on 12/08 05:43PM by Eudean
The review session has been rescheduled to start at 3:30PM in 306 Soda Hall (HP Auditorium) to accomodate students that have finals from 12:30–3:30PM on Friday.

Posted on 12/08 04:25PM by Eudean
Here are some updates on the Miniproject:

Posted on 12/08 04:30AM by Eudean
The Miniproject document has been updated with additional hints and tips. Chen has also posted a nice list of hints to bSpace, so check that if you haven't yet. We are considering extending the deadline or loosening some design constraints and will make an announcement within 12 hours as to our decision.

If you're having trouble on the design, please go for something simple! Building a full differential cascode and biasing it properly can be difficult and isn't necessary to meet the specifications.

If you are having specific trouble matching transistors for your current mirror (or differential amplifier), I highly recommend setting up a parameter analyzer to produce ID vs. VDS curves (with stepped VGS) and testing many transistors. Pick any two that show similar such curves. If you're intent on making a cascode, you may need to find four matching transistors.

Posted on 12/06 01:31PM by Eudean
I've posted the ZVN2106A and ZVP2106A datasheets and SPICE models on the labs page. Since the SPICE models are provided as subcircuits, you'll need to read the sample netlist (also on the labs page) to get an idea of how to use the SPICE models. If anything is unclear, please ask a TA for help.

Posted on 12/03 02:43PM by Eudean
Some clarifications for HW12:

Posted on 11/27 04:46PM by Eudean
I've posted some extra notes on the discussion page on the large-signal equations for PMOSFETs. Many students didn't get the PMOS cascode biasing problem on the most recent problem set, so hopefully this will help you understand that problem. Please read over the notes and/or the homework solutions if you found the problem difficult or confusing.

Posted on 11/27 03:49PM by Eudean
Apparently there is some confusion as to the meaning of "common-mode gain" in the prelab. By this, we mean apply a common signal to both inputs of the differential amplifier, then find the common output level divided by this common input signal. That will give you the common-mode gain. This is the same definition as used for the term in Razavi. We are not looking for ACM-DM.

Posted on 11/26 03:27PM by Eudean
There is some confusion over what the prelab means when it asks you to bias the output at 4.5 V. What I'm talking about is the common-mode output voltage, NOT the differential mode output (which should be zero).

Posted on 11/25 01:45AM by Eudean
Just a reminder: the Wednesday discussion will be 6–7PM from this week on (last week was an exception due to the holiday).

Posted on 11/23 05:54PM by Eudean
Sorry, I forgot to post the HW11 solutions on Tuesday. They're up now.

Posted on 11/19 01:00AM by Eudean
Midterm 2 scores have been entered on bSpace, along with those of the latest homework assignments.

Also, the Wednesday discussion this week will be from 2–3PM in 293 Cory rather than the normal time, since I'll be gone later that day.

Posted on 11/18 09:28PM by Eudean
Midterm 2 solutions and statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, and a histogram) are available on the midterm page. Once again, you can retrieve your exams during office hours in the next week (probably not tomorrow morning, but definitely by Tuesday), and the same policy regarding regrades will apply (i.e. if you remove your exam from office hours, you may not request a regrade).

Posted on 11/13 11:36PM by Eudean
A typographical error in Slide 18 of Lecture 11 (in the equation for Av of a cascode stage) has been corrected.

Posted on 11/12 07:35PM by Eudean
The final version of homework 11 has been posted. Corrections have been made to problems 1, 3, and 4.

Posted on 11/12 01:56PM by Eudean
A correction has been posted for problem 3 in homework 11. Please be sure to download the latest version.

Posted on 11/12 01:01PM by Eudean
We're sorting through some errors in homework 11 right now (remember it's not due until next Tuesday). Clarifications to problem 1 have been posted. If you've already started working on it, you may want to skip problem 3 for now until we post further corrections.

Posted on 11/11 10:46PM by Kevin
I'm holding office hours on Mon. 11/12 from 1-2pm and on Tues. from 2-3pm.

Friday discussion is also cancelled (11/16), unless I get 4 e-mails to hold section. :)

Posted on 11/11 06:30PM by Eudean
I won't be holding office hours tomorrow due to the holiday. I will hold extra ones this week on Tuesday 5–6PM and Wednesday 2–4PM in 353 Cory.

Posted on 11/05 01:27PM by Eudean
Midterm 2 details are as follows:

Posted on 10/29 12:15AM by Eudean
It looks like the instructions I posted don't work on the version of HSPICE on the lab machines (I tested them on a newer version unfortunately). I'll update the document shortly, but the correct method should be to:

Posted on 10/28 02:13PM by Kevin
Starting 10/29, I'll be holding office hours from 1-2pm on Mondays.

Posted on 10/27 03:27PM by Eudean
For the SPICE simulation for the Lab 8 prelab, please do a DC sweep at the input to find a proper bias point. Your hand calculations are good approximations, but you can achieve much better results using a DC sweep. I'm updating the lab instructions to reflect this (with some instructions on how you might do this). If you've already done the prelab, you don't have to re-do it (unless you want to).

Posted on 10/27 02:48PM by Eudean
For the Lab 8 prelab, please use RS = 51 ohms.

Posted on 10/26 04:32PM by Eudean
I've posted some notes on the MOSCAP on the discussion page. They include a solved sample problem.

Posted on 10/24 07:13PM by Eudean
In order to accomodate more students, the Wednesday discussion is moving to 6–7PM in 293 Cory as of next week.

Posted on 10/22 10:00PM by Eudean
Lab 7 has been updated with some clarifications (in the prelab) and minor typo fixes (in the lab).

Posted on 10/22 03:13PM by Eudean
The Wednesday discussion section has been moved to Wed 2–3PM in 293 Cory Hall.

Posted on 10/16 05:00PM by Eudean
I've posted a derivation of the output resistance of a BJT with emitter degeneration on the discussions page, at the request of some students.

Posted on 10/16 12:39AM by Eudean
The lab 6 documents have been updated to fix some typos.

Posted on 10/12 11:40PM by Eudean
The midterm statistics have been updated to reflect only the undergraduate scores.

Posted on 10/12 07:02PM by Eudean
The statistics for midterm 1 have been posted on the midterm page, including the mean, median, standard deviation, and a histogram. Grades are being entered in bSpace as of now and will be available within the next few minutes.

Midterms will be returned during office hours (all TAs will have the exams during office hours, so you can attend any one to obtain your exam). You may look over your midterm to make sure there were no grading errors during office hours, but if you leave office hours with your exam, you may not request a regrade at a later time (to prevent any possible cheating issues).

Posted on 10/09 06:10PM by Eudean
The solution to problem 3(b) of the sample midterm had a small error. A corrected version has been posted on the midterm page.

Posted on 10/09 02:39AM by Kevin
For a break after the midterm, this Friday's discussion section is cancelled. I will hold extra office hours next Monday, October 15 (1-2 pm) to discuss new topics or homework.

All other discussion sections are on, this week and next week.

Posted on 10/08 03:34PM by Eudean
I'm also going to hold office hours tomorrow (Tuesday, October 8) at 5PM in 197 Cory.

Posted on 10/08 11:45AM by Kevin
I'm having an office hour in 1 hour, 20 min: (1-2pm) in 197 Cory. Please let me know if you want to go over anything on Tues. or Weds.

Posted on 10/08 09:11AM by Eudean
The webcast of the midterm review is available on the midterm page.

Posted on 10/06 12:31PM by Eudean
In light of the midterm, I will be adding additional office hours next week. They will be held in 197 Cory from 2–4PM on Wednesday.

Posted on 10/05 10:12PM by Eudean
For those that attended last Wednesday's discussion section, I made an error during the derivation of the cascode gain that was pointed out by some students after class (the end result was correct, but the methodology was flawed). I've posted a document on the discussions page that goes over the proof correctly that you should read if you're interested.

Posted on 10/05 12:15AM by Eudean
A sample midterm will be posted tonight on the midterm page.

Posted on 10/02 10:56PM by Eudean
There will be no discussion next Friday, October 12. We encourage students enrolled in the Friday discussion to attend either the Monday 3–4PM or the Wednesday 9–10AM discussion (or both, if you wish).

Posted on 10/02 06:29PM by Eudean
There will be a midterm review session this Friday from 3–5PM in HP Auditorium (306 Soda). The video recording of the review session will be available on the website on Monday.

The midterm will be held next Thursday during the normal lecture time (3:30–5PM). The material of Lectures 1-10 (HW#2-6; Chapters 2,4,5) will be covered. 2 pages (double-sided, 8.5"x11") of notes and a calculator will be allowed. To allow the students to be spaced apart for the exam, we will need to ask ~40 students (students with last name beginning M-Z) to go to the HP Auditorium for the midterm. The rest should go to 106 Stanley as usual.

Posted on 10/02 02:58PM by Eudean
The prelab for lab 5 has been updated for clarification. In Figure 2, iin is a small signal (AC) current source. For problem 6, find the short circuit current gain (i.e. assume the load is a short to ground so that all of the output current flows through the load).

If you already turned in the prelab, we will be lenient in grading this portion of it.

Posted on 10/01 04:06PM by Eudean
In case it wasn't clear, the gain referred to in problem 1(a) of homework 5 is the magnitude of the voltage gain. The problem isn't meant to trick you by having a positive gain.

Posted on 09/30 01:17AM by Eudean
There were errors in the equations on the following slides:
The lecture slides have been updated online with the correct equations.

Posted on 09/29 08:46PM by Eudean
The wording of problem 4(a) in the homework has been changed. Please download a new copy of the homework from the website and answer the question as stated.

Posted on 09/27 11:09AM by Eudean
Lab 4 has been shortened. A couple of questions have been removed from the post-lab portion. If you have already had your lab section, please check the new version on the labs page; you do not have to answer the questions that have been removed.

Posted on 09/24 11:10AM by Kevin
Friday discussion 11-12 is now meeting back at 5 Evans. Almost all students requested this in a vote after last discussion.

Posted on 09/20 02:35PM by Eudean
Homework and lab scores are being entered on bSpace as we finish grading assignments. Please check your scores against your returned papers. If you find an error (which is quite possible over the course of the semester, consider approx. (10 labs + 10 homeworks) * 80 students = 1600 or more scores to enter), please contact a TA.

Posted on 09/19 06:01PM by Eudean
The professor has posted a list of "commonly made errors" (there's a link on the main page). This will be updated throughout the semester. We highly recommend you review the mistakes listed there and make sure you understand them.

Posted on 09/15 07:44PM by Eudean
There's one more error in the homework. For problem 2, some of the points on the graph of IB are incorrect. They should all be 100 times smaller than their counterparts on the graph of IC. The 0.169 uA value should be 1.69 uA, and the 0.025 uA value should be 0.246 uA.

These figures were taken from the textbook, so these are incorrect in the textbook as well. Keep that in mind in case you look at this example in the future.

Posted on 09/15 12:12PM by Eudean
For homework 3, problem 3, please use VBE = 0.7 V for the bias voltage.

Posted on 09/15 12:53AM by Eudean
Details of the lab grading policy have been posted on the labs page.

Posted on 09/13 09:58PM by Wilson
For those of you who are affected by the fire alarm on Wednesday afternoon, the other EE105 lab sections meet on:

Monday 3PM-6PM,
Tuesday 8AM-11AM,
Wednesday 9PM-12PM.

If you cannot attend any of these sections, contact Chen or me to rearrange a time to make up the lab.

Posted on 09/13 08:44PM by Eudean
The Friday discussion section has been moved to 458 Evans, a larger room that will be able to accommodate more students (as there was overflow last week). This is effective now, so students should go to 458 Evans for discussion tomorrow.

Posted on 09/13 08:43PM by Eudean
Some students were unable to complete lab 2 due to the fire alarm going off on Wednesday this week. If this is the case, you have a couple of options:

Posted on 09/12 12:46PM by Eudean
I'm scheduling an additional office hour on Mondays from 9–10AM (also in 197 Cory). If you can't make my afternoon office hours, please come in the morning.

Posted on 09/12 01:58AM by Eudean
The homework 2 solutions have been posted.

Homework 3 has also been posted and is due next Tuesday, September 18th at 3:40PM outside of the Stanley lecture hall (as they were collected this week). I will be leaving with the homeworks promptly at 3:40PM, and late homeworks will not be accepted.

Posted on 09/10 10:43PM by Eudean
Students currently attending the Friday discussion should instead attend the Monday discussion if possible. The Friday discussion currently has too many students attending, resulting in overcrowding of the classroom. It would be helpful to your fellow students to attend another discussion if you can.

Posted on 09/09 09:11PM by Eudean
Please use k = 8.62E-5 eV/K for homework 2, problem 1.

Posted on 09/08 09:13PM by Eudean
We have some clarifications for homework 2:

Posted on 09/07 12:55PM by Eudean
The instructional computing staff has discovered the source of the HSPUI errors that were occurring through remote desktop on iserver1 and iserver3 (please use these servers only from now on).

In short, please do not save your hspui configuration. HSPUI by default asks you if you want to save when exiting. Be sure to click No, otherwise you will break HSPUI for all other users. The instructional staff is working on a better solution, but for now please follow these guidelines.

If you do notice that HSPUI is broken, inform a TA and we can (hopefully) fix it using instructions provided by the instructional computing staff.

Posted on 09/05 12:08AM by Eudean
Apparently there are issues with HSPUI on the Windows servers. Even so, you are still expected to complete the prelab. HSPUI is just a convenient tool tying HSPICE and Awaves together. You can run HSPICE manually to simulate the circuit (just click "File" => "Simulate" in HSPICE, select your netlist, and choose a location to save your output) and you can run Awaves manually to plot the results.

Additionally, there should be no issues using the UNIX version of HSPICE, so there's no excuse for having not finished the prelab.

Posted on 09/04 07:48PM by Eudean
Professor King Liu's Monday office hours have been moved to Thursday, 12-1PM in 567 Cory.

Posted on 09/04 02:13PM by Eudean
Homework 2 has been posted and is due next Tuesday, September 11th.

Posted on 09/04 11:17AM by Eudean
Class accounts have been fixed. Please try using remote desktop again if you were having trouble before. If you are still experiencing issues, send me an e-mail (

Posted on 09/03 10:55PM by Eudean
If you're having trouble using remote desktop with your instructional account, please send your login to me at I will contact the person in charge of these accounts to try to get the issue resolved. If you could also describe the error you're getting, that'd be helpful.

Remember, though, that you do not need to use remote desktop to do the prelab. You are expected to be able to use SSH to run HSPICE on the UNIX servers available to you. Instructions on how to do this are in the HSPICE tutorial.

Posted on 09/03 10:51PM by Eudean
Lecture 3 has been posted.

Reminder: There will be free pizza tomorrow 12-1P in 212 Cory during Prof. King Liu's office hours.

Posted on 09/01 12:24PM by Wilson
Lab section assignment has been posted. Monday and Wednesday afternoon sections are impacted. We tried our very best to accommodate everyone in those two sections. If you cannot find your name, please contact me at wk668 AT berkeley.

Posted on 08/30 03:22PM by Eudean
GSI office hours will be held in 353 Cory (same location as the lab) until further notice.

Posted on 08/28 10:49PM by Eudean
Homework 1 has been posted. Please check the homework page for a link to the assignment (which is mostly a questionnaire).

Also note that you must complete the prelab for Lab 1 prior to your lab section next week (or in two weeks for students in the Monday lab section, since next Monday is a holiday). The Lab 1 prelab will likely be difficult (or at least time consuming) for some of you, and this has been done intentionally. The lab page has a link to the prelab, as well as tutorials on HSPICE and Bode plots which you will need to reference in order to complete the prelab.

If you are having trouble with the prelab, especially issues with software, please post to the newsgroup and we will help you as best we can. Be specific with any errors you're experiencing.

Posted on 08/28 07:01PM by Eudean
There is a paid position available for any student willing to videotape the EE105 lectures. If you're interested, please contact Prof. King Liu at

Posted on 08/28 06:28PM by Eudean
The Wednesday discussion has been moved to 289 Cory. The time will remain the same.

Posted on 08/26 06:36PM by Eudean
Discussion sections, lab sections, and office hours will begin the week of September 3rd.

A small assignment will be posted later this week and will be due the week of September 3rd.

Announcements will be cross-posted to our Google newsgroup (link available under "Course Details"). Please use the newsgroup for asking questions during the semester. The GSIs will monitor the group and respond as quickly as possible.

Posted on 08/24 02:46PM by Eudean
Welcome to EE105.