This week: 14 Oct - 18 Oct, 2002

Correction of Midterm Exams

While the posted solutions of the exam are correct, there is a small mistake in the grading of the exams.  On the table for problem 3, the last entry should be saturated instead of in triode.  Please look over that problem. If you need a correction, you should come to one of David's lab hours so that he can correct it and initial it. This mistake has been corrected for all the exams that were not returned to the students on Friday 10/11. You can pick those exams from Charlotte Jones in 558 Cory.

Professor Spanos will be out of town on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week

The regular Monday 10-11am and Tuesday 10-11am office hours are cancelled.

Monday's lecture will be given by Professor Howe, and Wednesday's lecture will be given by Professor Poolla.

If you have a EE105 question while Professor Spanos is away, please contact one of the TAs.

This week Professor Spanos will hold an extra office hour from 11-noon on Thursday, as well as his regular office hour from 10-11am on Friday.


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