CS 70 Reading Quiz -- Week 4, Sunday

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1. If x + 5 == 1 (mod 9) and y == x^2 - x + 2 (mod 9), describe all possible values for y.
(Here "==" is intended to represent the "congruent to" symbol.)

2. We have n men but only 2 women (where n > 2). Suppose that we go ahead and run the Traditional Marriage Algorithm anyway, even though the number of men and women is not equal. Are we still guaranteed that each woman will be married to some man, by the time the algorithm is finished? Briefly, why or why not?

3. What did you find difficult or confusing about the reading or the lectures, and what would you most like to see explained better? If nothing was difficult or confusing, and you understand the material pretty well, tell us what you found most interesting. Please be as specific as possible.

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