CS 61C (Fall 2007)

Final Exam

Saturday, 12/15 in Bechtel Auditorium from 12:30-3:30pm.


The final be held Saturday 12/15/2007 in Bechtel Auditorium from 12:30-3:30pm (this goes for CS61C and CS61CL both). It will cover all course material. The exam will be open book and open notes, but no electronic devices or talking will be allowed. You will have assigned seating, please remember your Cal Student ID card. We will again have randomly assigned seating, and we will be checking seating far more strictly this time.

If you have a conflict with the exam time, you must let us know ASAP.  We make no promises of help, though we'll try to be reasonable.  Any non-emergency (e.g. car accident, family death or your death) conflicts we hear about after the review session (on 12/11) will be your responsibility, and problem.

You will find the style of questions on our exams closely matches the quizzes and homeworks you have seen so far, and we highly suggest that you study your code side-by-side with our solutions.


Course Review

HKN Review

HKN will probably hold a review at some point. We will let you know more, when they let us know more.

Old Exams & Review Material

Don't forget that you'll find some relevant questions on old midterms of all kinds, since this final is cumulative.  In fact going back over your previous two exams, and your projects from this class would be an excellent idea.

Here's our cache (not that kind) of old exams.

Some old exams can also be found on the HKN website, along with solutions.